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CORE (updated pic 7/20) -
-Change the flag stand.
-Change surrounding hills.
-Possibly create more hills throughout map.
Please, this map is brilliant, leave it alone. Only possible bit I would get rid of is the backbase and replace it with something simpler, but the map is great.
-Remove walls.
-Unknown after that (whats wrong here?)
I'd remove the slides as well, edge of the map will probably look weird so you'll have to fix that somehow.
-(whats wrong here?)
Spawn's are very dotted around which is a good thing, but the problem is, there is no slope from the flag list to get moving towards the enemy base, other than that, all is good.
-Turn bases 90%.
-Move bases closer.
-Redo center of map.
-Lower large hills connected by the bridge.
I like what is in the screenshot, just don't mess around with the outlying terrain, that's good.
GORGE (7/29)
-Smooth terrain.
-Create better outside hills.
-Possibly tweak location of one base away from the OOB.
Yeah, I quite like the map but I agree with all the changes here. Reducing the height of the back hills behind the bases might be a good idea also.
-Get rid of llama highway. Possibly redo some outlying terrain.
This is one map that I think just needs to die. Its pretty much bad all around. If you really want to tweak with it, I'd suggest taking out the bases and replacing them with something simpler? The current bases you have at the moment are just ugly.
-Smooth terrain.
-Move Bases closer.
Ya deadon, bring back the blue/red neon lights too. Possibly increase the tunnel system(?)
-Tweak terrain around stand.
-smooth terrain.
-add moar lights.
-position center structure better.

-add more structures on map.
I quite like both in their current state, but seeing as you're the original creator, feel free to tweak with them :p
-replace one stand
-better visibility
-better starting hills
-smooth terrain
-better outlying hills?
Huge imbalance on this map with the flag stands, terrain is fine apart from some spots were it needs smoothing though as you've said. As for the fog, I like it.
-smooth terrain (OH DEAR GOD THE TERRAIN)

Give up with stygain now, the map is a trainwreck (haha)


Leave the 'side terrain' of stygian generally as it is, the sides are pretty interesting and useful. By sides I mean draw a rectangle 3 bases wide with a length being distance from base to base. Anything in it and behind the bases needs to change IMO, anything at the sides only needs to be smoothened slightly. There's a reason some of us didn't want it changed.

Pls change Nivo a bit on the sides. Like really, the map is tiring if you ski anywhere outside...

Core is really good, just needs to be tweaked so that less people are required for flag defence/chase. Make bases more biased towards the defenders/chasers and it'll be cool.

Change the Moonshine bases. So tiring, just like nivo outer areas.

The rest you've said is spot-on.


is there a way to edit maps because al thouse custom maps like pipe chalang look like they were edited because pipe chalang is on top of plade run if thers a way to edit maps plz tell :D


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The old moonshine was great, fun to play on (happy now battel?!). But imo the new moonshine doesn't look well.. appealing. Still seems as if someone could llama and go down the slope with a rocket jump to base :L
Core was also a great map, the bases, hills, everything was fine. LEAVE THIS MAP AS IT WAS
<00:37:06> "A Wise Man": genesis: destroy it
Elegiac walls were fine to bounce off :D but w/e

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Bladerun - The first map i played back on IA, i always thought it was pretty well designed. I'd love to see a smaller version.
Frostbyte - Remove the dead stop spots and its good.
Genesis - App map, only saw it twice can't say.
Nivosus - I've always preferred Moonshine over it... it's just so straight forward and possibly because it repeats 500 times a day.. might be just me. (opinion more like.. sorry no critique)
Zenith - Tru Fax, fun with 20 or with 10 players.
Core - Although i like seeing any news on anything i think the flag stand change is a little meh.. I loved 180's in the bowl for a grab, but like you said some toes will be stepped on.
Elegiac - Liked it more as a dark map, the walls always sucked. The huge slides are usually a pain in the ass during stand offs. If anything i'd try them a bit lower.
Fallout - like it's been said a few spawn points are bunk.
Forgotten - like it from the shot, the huge half pipe always seemed too barren. hopefully the added hills/slopes will break up the big empty feeling.
Gorge - My new favorite map that hardly gets played, hopefully the changes don't make me hate it.
Moonshine - a.k.a Nivo Daytime, glad it got a bit of a face lift. Looks fun but i worry about the new flag stand blocking chute routes, couldn't tell by the SS.
Mirage - Anything has to help this game killer.
OTTN - I like it, nothing to really complain about.
Reactor - Nothing horribly wrong with it, except the oddly placed ammo station on the hill near the fallen towers (sorry can't remember which teams side) but that thing is a menace. Myself, muk and Flu stayed there an entire map and sniped the *chocolate cookies* out of the base/D without many deaths. I'd say it's a pretty unfair design as the other side has no far off ammo station.
Sleepwalker - Another favorite map of mine since the first time i played it, i never thought it was too flat etc, it just made people play legions a bit different. The routes where not straight forward and so required a boost or a RJ to run right. I think that killed it for pubs as most new people were kinda like WTF.. what do i do now.
Stygian - Bless you kind sir... you'r poor fingers and mental health from working that terrain must be near the breaking point. Give this man a *dancing* medal.

And lastly.. Quarry. The bastard map of legions.
It's funny, it's half joke half serious requests to have some form of this map come back. I miss the hell out of it and it should be brought back. There is no way in hell that it's worse then working on stygian. Some terrain/lighting and base re positioning would be nice. You are a fine mapper and this could be a show of what you can do... next to stygian.. that *chocolate cookies* is just plain bad.

Oh and last lastly... new base shapes.. holy *chocolate cookies* everything uses the same damn pieces.


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Keep frost and zenith the same, since those are the only consistent favorites. The key is to make the sides balanced, so that a captain who gets one side is not ridiculously favored. For example, Gorge is very unbalanced, which is why I've never chosen it as a map. Also, maps need to have more fog added to them.

Stygian can be salvaged for 5v5s if you treat it like dangerouscrossing from T1
Elegiac needs lower back tower, removal of side corner towers, and made slightly bigger.
Fallout spawn positions need to be fixed, but that's about it.
Core base needs to be fixed up to play better - the flag stand is pretty awful.
Nivosus - need to make the flag approachable from all sides, so whether that means adding one more ridge of hills to each side (so there's an upward ramp) or making the hills better, idk.
Moonshine - get rid of it.
Mirage - smooth it out and make the lighting better and the stand less shitty.
Sleepwalker - keep the fog but make the stands more balanced and fix the bases. The bases should make sense, not just have random structures in the way to screw up routes. How many random structures did T1 maps have on good ctf maps... they were minimal. They don't add anything useful.
Reactor is fine
OTTN maybe the base could be changed around a bit - I don't know how.
Forgotten needs less steep of hills without ways to climb them, and agreed, need to be closer together and middle changed. I like how the base is really different from other maps, but it's a little too different in a bad direction.


Dat moonshine reminds me of the old moonshine. The VERY old moonshine...<3
But what the perkele is that ginormous table on the flagstand? Godzilla wants a tea party?


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Core base needs to be fixed up to play better - the flag stand is pretty awful.


The flag stand is one of the best in the game, it actually makes the capper and the heavy have to play better because of the cap routes a capper can perform. For the capper, flying in between the two base bits is more difficult than an open flag stand and can be used on faster cap routes or more of a sneaky one, like in the video below. Heavy has his visibility reduced so he also need to keep a sharper eye out to stop cappers.


Fast forward to 3:26 for the route.


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Lol @ best stand

Edit: anyway, what else was wrong with Core, wasn't one of the bowls, or outer bowl areas, better then the other? Seeing as how it's one of the first maps I'm working on, ill need to know soonerish.