Team In7


Legions Developer
Have you guys actually contacted in7 about this team yet?

The legions team was the beginning of In7, there wouldn't be any in7-esports without the legions team, and Xecuteur recognized that the last time I spoke to him. When there was still some competition within legions and while we were still practising, me, dimmy or whoever was leader at the time would keep communication with Xec and keep our page and results up to date, we were a part of In7.
Then legions went off the map, and since it's revival there hasn't really been much competition, and we haven't really been a legions team either, playing more of other games than legions itself and as we didn't have any results and lost contact with Xec, in one of the multiple re-designs of the site, we were lost off the list of teams. However, when legions gets more competitive, as we've all been promised it will by app ;) , and we want to play more as a legions team again, I'm fairly sure we'll get featured back on the site again, and perhaps become more officially, a part of In7 again.