Summer 2017 PUG Nights


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There won't be a decent turnout if everybody has the mindset of "I'll join if I see other people doing it". Just commit and be a catalyst.


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I'll be around discord - I usually am. I say decent turnout because I probably wouldn't play low turnout games for too long. That's why I mentioned that maybe its a little early for a bunch of people to be interested (or maybe when homie stops picking Zenith). We'll see how many people reply though.


I suck, everyone hates me but i'll be there out of spite. :)

Also this: P R E S S W T O M O V E F O R W A R D forever.. Thought i was the only one.


I'd get in there and participate but now I'm working 7 days a week 9am-12am (3 jobs) so I ain't got no time, but good luck guys, maybe I'll get a break and be able to play during the times that this is going on but for now, doesn't seem likely

Your friendly neighborhood - Jello :D


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Whoever "virgin autist" is, please speak up here. I deleted your entry last week cause I figured it was a troll, and now you have entered again.

In other news, let's try to get those numbers up! Right now we could barely do a 5v5 on the best days
Hey guys, sup?
I want to know the exact hours when pug is used to take place just to have them in mind.
I am sad of the fact that we have so different hours with most of you, when it's dawn here .. at most of ur places is morning/noon/afternoon .. so its difficult for me to participate to the pug.
Anyway I'm glad communicating with u after so much time.