I cant think of another game that utilizes Z-axis aiming with projectile based weapons better than this game right now. In my opinion, many of you who appreciate the combat aspect of legions would also LOVE this game. There is so much transferability in the skills gained in legions to the aerial combat you find yourself in so often in Spellbreak. Two of game's 6 weapons (Fire and Wind) have a strong similarity to chaingun/RL. If anyone knows of another shooter that utilizes fast paced aerial combat in addition to projectile based weapons as good as Spell break, PLEASE do let me know because currently nothing is hitting quite like this game for me.

Ranked 5v5s is coming to the game April 8th and is likely to change the trajectory for its future. So its a good time to polish up your skills before it begins!

I hope to see you all on there, feel free to add me Jaycakez7#2011
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I kinda wrote this game off because I don't normally play wizard games but I watched a stream of this for a bit and it looked like it could be fun