Warrior of Linux

Currently at 12 members, we are a casual euro gaming group who started in Legions : Overdrive and who play other games, like FireFall and League of Legends.

Currently looking forward towards legions future as a competitive game released on steam, and we'll be there when that happens.

Confirmed Players:
- 3lionz
- Bestking
- Dabbleh
- Fissurez
- Flash
- Frez
- Helvian
- Pure
- TheCaptaint​
- ThEDisasteR​
- Skutki​
- *Fireblasto*
- Shaska
- Xtreme​
- Ripper

In addition, members playing legions will be using the tag of ' {spek} ' to identify themselves. Unless they are listed of this page, any person with the tag is NOT in Spektrum.

Basic Requirements for Joining:
  • Be willing to connect to IRC and TS3.
  • Own a microphone/headset and be willing to use it.
  • Act mature in game and out of game.
  • Contact me, *Fireblasto*, if interested in joining!

PM: *Fireblasto*
IRC: #spektrum
TS3: ts3.legionsoverdrive.com | Channel: Spektrum (Scroll down) | PublicPass: awesomesauce