Test Lead
Hello all. I have recently setup the PUG Bot that's used in Midair, Ascend, and T1. There are two queues, one for 5v5 and one for 7v7. Poponfu setup two PUG servers recently as well which we will use. Hopefully we can use this system to bring back regular PUGs. I haven't tested it out with a real game though, so we'll see how it goes. Simply join the Legions Discord server and type !add PUG5 or !add PUG7 in the #pugs channel. There is also a Team Rabbit queue for 3v3. After you have joined a queue (stealing this from Sharp):
  1. Once your queue reaches the necessary number, you’ll receive a discord bot message saying the game has started and captains will begin picking teams from the pool of players in the current queue.
  2. Wait for another message from the discord bot to know who your team is.
  3. Join the discord voice chat channel with your team on the left hand side. (You may have to scroll down to see your team channel.)
  4. In the voice chat channel, you’ll hear what server is going to be joined and what the password is.
  1. Everyone is welcome. If you have a learning attitude, you will find no shortage of help.

  2. Pugs are a semi-competitive environment; as such, you are expected to fulfill a specific role during a match even if you’re not great at it. If new, you'll probably be "Light offense" clearing enemy defense.

  3. It is highly recommended that you use a mic and voice chat. If you don’t, don’t let that hold you back from joining a pug, but know that it would greatly enhance your experience and everyone else’s.