Old Legions Editor(s)


Test Lead
To the remaining few who check this forum, I thought I'd throw out another little nugget of past Legions dev info. Considering there's no real point it keeping it in-house these anymore, I've decided to publicly release the old Legions Editor program(s). These were used back in the Fallen Empire: Legions days, and contain a number of interesting features, including the original Quarry, unreleased Moon Map, original Tutorial Mission, Misty Mountain Hop, old Core, old Moonshine, and maybe some other things I'm forgetting. There were two versions available, which I've only known as FELT_8 and LegionsEditor9.

These builds are obviously not meant to be played by the general public. One doesn't even have any sound, and the movement is pretty different in it as well. But, they are playable. The menu buttons might hang for a few seconds after you click 'Create Game', but just wait a while. It'll eventually go to the next screen. Escape doesn't work in one of them, so you'll just have to Alt-F4 your way out.

LegionsEditor9: https://mega.nz/file/oItElLwB#Ey4Z-2GHzz9Z8Mxzur954sRIvMNcCjtEGJQqnBej6c0

FELT_8: https://mega.nz/file/NN0wDT5R#HKA_LfdD2nWyuppl2w0zmEKqt3ihwI_aXAwSnUbRKfg

These apparently do have some kind of server support, so I'd be curious to see if we could somehow manage to get a game going. It'd have to be through a direct IP command, which I've long forgotten ("connect: x.x.x.x:28000"???).