O-sniping: official definition (keep the ethics of it out of here)


Read first: this thread is not about discussing whether O-sniping is right or not. To make any attempt at such a discussion we must first all come down to an agreement as to what O-sniping actually is. So...

This thread will be the one in which us, the Legions: Overdrive beta community, will agree upon what exactly does O-sniping mean. I will try and keep the Original Post updated with what I see as the current definition that we somewhat agree to (once we come down to something). Since the other 2 sniper rifle threads are being continuously bumped and are, as Seymour said, going around in circles not getting anything agreed upon, I will post a step by step 101 as to how will we come down to any sort of conclusion. It should be easy, there should be no walls of text, less than 4 pages, no derailing and no flame/revealing one's ovulation cycle/beefs and hopefully not many posts made by me (as we all hate them).

Things to do:
  1. Decide whether we want to create a separate term to define what we want to 'forbid' in sniping or a separate term to define the sniping that's O.K. to do but gets often mistaken for O-sniping. I think we can all agree that ATM too many tactics are being defined as O-sniping.
  2. Get all the sniping terms straight so that every single typical sniper action can be defined. Hopefully this will also find its use in PuGs (possible new positions)
  3. Define what is O-sniping and what is the new term we've come up with in 1.
  4. All agree on what we came down to.
Once we'll get past one of those points I'll cross it out. Let's get this topic over with, I'm personally fed up with old sniper discussion threads being bumped and looping. I'm also sorry for making the 1000th thread on o-sniping, but the other ones aren't getting anything done and have drifted off really close to personal arguments.


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[...] This thread will be the one in which us, the Legions: Overdrive beta community, will agree upon what exactly does O-sniping mean. [...]
Hahaha! Hahaha, haha, haaaaa, ha! Yeaaaah... No. No that won't happen. Just drop those stupid discussions and concentrate on stuff that's at least slightly relevant. This bull *chocolate cookies* is getting way too much attention anyways; it's not as much of a problem as you seem to think. This thread will lead to exactly nothing, so do yourself a favour and avoid this timesink.


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1. You can't really 'forbid' a certain part of sniping, unless its with yourself or people who actually agree with you. I've seen a lot of people accusing a Sweeper on the offensive side 'O-Sniping.' Only when the sniper exclusively shoots at defenders/offense leaving the base with only the sniper rifle from a remote play like a tower should anyone call someone out on O-Sniping.

2. Snipers pew pew. Its just the way they go about this that one can call it O-Sniping. See above.

3. My definition of an O-Sniper is someone who constantly attacks enemy defenders and outgoing offense exclusively with the sniper rifle, while at the same time staying out of range from the enemies.

Thats about all I can put in, and honestly, this thread will probably go nowhere as well. What happens after we get a definition? Everyone knows it and can easily identify it anyway. I understand your want to make a legitimate and constructive sniper thread. But seriously, its about time to drop it.


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Agree with Ucan's definition but think it should include 'except in stand-offs' so:

an O-Sniper is someone who constantly attacks enemy defenders and outgoing offence, even when not in a stand-off, and who does so exclusively with the sniper rifle, while at the same time staying out of range of the enemy.
I just wanted to point out that it is actually by definition impossible to agree upon something like this. A forum is a place where everyone who signs up is free to post their thoughts. You can, at best, gather opinions and maybe see some trends. You will never be able to call out and 'decide' what the definition of o-sniping is.

Also, what the others said. This is really not worth the effort you seem to be putting into it.


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It seems like we're coming to an agreement on the definition so far, I also agree on Carnage's addition. Everyone will have their own versions I suppose, but they all portray the same idea.


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It is clearly an issue of some contention and therefore needs to be addressed. If it isn't addressed now it will surely give rise to another angry thread. I support the intent behind this thread, which is to reach some sort of consensus about the definition in the hope that it may clear up future misunderstandings. Sure not everyone will agree but we can get some idea of what the majority of people think. That, at least, is a start.


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My definition:
Osniping - An excuse used by people who are incapable of accommodating tactics other than what they deem the proper usage of a sniper rifle should be.


Well, as suicidal as this is, I might try and take this seriously.

First, I'll just say, perhaps you could look into the beginner's guide to sniping that I wrote (actual title is I think: The laser Rifle: a beginner's guide)

This might get long, but with all the stuff you've asked for, this is what you get.

Sniping tactics and terms thereof: I think there are basically three categories of sniping: Defensive sniping, Chase Sniping and Offensive sniping. Defensive sniping is divided into two tasks: softening incoming hostiles (be they cappers or LO) and streamlining the LO extermination process. Most people agree that this is a legitimate form of using the LR (there are a few people that will hunt down snipers regardless of what position the snipers are playing.)

Chase sniping is using the LR to hunt down flag carriers and this category of sniper position kinda venn-diagrams with Osniping.

For Osniping, there are basically two kinds. First, there's offensively sniping, which is when there isn't anything happening at the enemy base and the sniper sits in a sniper tower or outside the enemy base and shoots at stationary targets. That method of offensive sniping isn't tactically useful will get your behind beaten and your name reviled. Then, there is what I'll call Retrieval sniping, which coincides with Chase Sniping but involves using the LR in an offense position during a flag standoff where you are either working on taking out the carrier or the defenders of the carrier. A good retrieval sniper can turn the tides of standoffs very quickly and effectively, and thus, while being lumped by many into the O-snipe category, is actually a strategic asset.

There shouldn't be any form of 'forbidden sniping' the best way to take care of the issue is to just educate snipers and let them know that if they are shooting stationary targets in the enemy base, they aren't becoming better snipers, and they aren't helping their team as much as they think they are.

As for the snipers that have no illusions about what they are doing, we can just hope we aren't playing with them.

@ Propkid, you are being rather naive and idealistic to presume that we'll be able to agree on anything, this is the internet, we are gamers, we won't agree on anything.
On a more light off-topic note, though. Good luck, Edinburgh is a fantastic city.


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Thanks! In the other thread about o-sniping I posted this: "We are talking about a specific form of sniping where the sniper camps somewhere without moving and just shoots into the enemy base pretty much all game long. Perhaps we should stop calling that o-sniping, as that term encompasses far more than what I described above. Perhaps we should call this thing something like 'snipe-camping' although that is a bit clumsy. Any other suggestions are welcome. *braces himself for the inevitable bad jokes*".

Metreon has agreed that a change in nomenclature might be a good idea. After all there are many forms of offensive sniping that are perfectly valid and useful. I really think this could be going somewhere people.