New guns


The first thing I have to say is ...
More weapons makes the game more fun, new styles of attack and strategy.

Chaingun, Grenae laucher, Rocket laucher, Sniper rifle
Only 4 guns... why? The game "Doom" created in 1993 has more than 15 different weapons to use!

I sugest new guns to use:


Grenade launches energy

Heat missile

My gun opinion:

Flamthrower: Have a limit as "chaingun" when it reaches its limit will have to wait to cool it.

Grenade launches energy: Perhaps they are more powerful than the "Grenade Launcher" but will take longer time to recharge.

Heat missile: This type of missile chasing you, after a chase time it is off, then gravity acted, and touching the ground exploit.


stinky bear
I like. Give the new EL ( energy launcher) to a heavy.

Flame thrower seems really cool and I think it would appeal to the people who want a weapon that doesn't require extensive amounts of skill to kill with; just because you just have to fire in the direction of the enemy near you and you hit him, like a shot gun... or that's how I'd see it but who knows. I don't know about the heat missile because it makes chasing way too easy.

I'd like to see either a new item or grenade launcher with special grenades that send out a wave of energy that pushes the player away. This would would allow chasers to stop the cappers since the splash of the weapons is nerfed and so is the chaingun.


I can see the heat (seeking?) missile being a little OP, since you simply have to fire it at a capper and they have no chance of escape (assuming the missile is fast - if it's capped at say...100m/s then it might be ok). I think a heat seeking missile would be nicer with some sort of base asset, as opposed to a weapon.

The flamethrower, while cool, doesn't seem very practical. It is a short range, constant stream of damage sort of weapon, making it either horrendously OP or completely useless, depending on how much it hits/how quick it overheats.

Finally, the Energy Grenade Launcher would be cool if it depleted energy instead of doing damage (direct hit = 90% jets?). If you could get a good splash with it while chasing, you could perhaps catch up.


So would the flamethrower be restricted to only dueling? I cant see that weapon be useful for chasing unless you were in front of the capper.


Flamethrower is perfect like defens.
If you can see some one come to the flag you shut and he is going to pass in the fire...

Volt Cruelerz

Legions Developer
Flamethrowing wouldn't be good on defense... The amount of time you'd spend in the flame would be so short that it would be pointless. It would really only ever find a use in dueling.

I don't think we need another type of GL ammo, though grenades themselves are fine. That said, there's no particular reason we need energy grenades that I can think of...

As for heat seeking rockets, there's a video of a test that they ran once... It was bad...


Dunno about the first two, but Homing Rockets (remember that server where there were these homing rockets spam and it was win?) is not such a bad idea if it were a little bit tweaked. It could follow/seek the legionnaire, but just by a small amount. Again, if it were there as a normal weapon with xx ammo, the cappers will have a very hard time. And so this is where something like a 'special weapon' or 'ability' or whatever you'd like to call it comes into play. You know, something that cannot be used all the time but just as an ability, limited ammo for a limited time etc.

Just throwing in my 2 cents.


Other thing about seekers: should be like RLS or etc, eg they start seeking after a sec/2 if you keep holding the lmouse button/xx key down. That way, theres no spam, and no close range cheap MAs.


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I think the heat missile would be good... especially if someone was using the flamethrower and the heat missile locked on to them.... >:D
Chasing with a flamethrower would probably result in flying into your own flames. ;]
Unless you make it work like the other weapons but that wont be realistic, though this is a sc-fi ctf game.


how about a CG that fires laser ok then how about..uhhmmm a 1 shot LR that had unlimited ammo..doesn't take energy..and has a 02. seconds delay between
what about a pencil?


flamethrower seems more of a base defense weapon
heat seaking missles not great idea
grenade launches energy, more of a sentinel weapon


Flamethrower: You might burn yourself. Badly.
Heat Seeking Missiles: Good idea, but this is something I would prefer as a base asset. And definitely not without a speed cap. Or flares.
Funny Grenade Thing: I'm not totally sure what you mean by that... you mean something mortar like?

I think a rail gun would be cool and sci-fi-ish. There are only two ways I can see it working, though. One being an OP 1 hit sniper rifle with no tracer. The other way being a small bullet-ball thing(which a rail gun would have anyway) that does minor damage and is trailed by an electric beam(like the LR, but not light) that also does minor damage and has EMP effects should it be flown through. Feel free to discuss or ignore.