Missing Instant Jam! :,(

I was surfing the web later this day with my music library playing and the song ''Californication'' by RHCP came on and i remembered IJ cause i loved to play it.
I just have a question.
Is there a posibility that some one could buy the game and make it available to the community again?

Oh and while I was writing this the song ''Silver and Cold'' by AFI came up (song i also played a bunch of times on IJ) and i almost shed a tear remembering IJ, IA and the good times knowing that its probably never gonna come back.


Try my IJ hud;D
I really love Instant Jam. I wanted to play it on my tv and invite friends over and brag about how it's free to play.
I miss how you can play your own music from iTunes. <3 IJ


It was okay, but you had to buy the songs if there was any guarantee of an mp3 matching up with the button progression. Only one of my mp3s did it without me having to edit it.

Doom Of Neroflame

ummm buy new gh or rb3...has most stuff on them and drums


Even if it's bought it would need to be coded again to make it a standalone game, which is pretty useless as the game Frets on Fire is practically the same.