Malaysian women beats up 8 month old baby.

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I don't know if you've already seen it, or heard of it. If you haven't, you should, and comprehend the sort of monsters that exist in human form.
I mean seriously, who does such a *dancing* thing!?! I actually feel no punishment would justify or make up for the violence she subjected that baby to.
She's only been put in jail for 18 months, are you *dancing* kidding me?!? Capital punishment is currently used in Malaysia, if anyone deserves to be subjected to it right now, no doubt, it should be her!



What the *dance* kind of person could do this to a baby. That woman is pure evil and deserves severe punishment.
The things this stupid bitch did are sickening.


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No, it's always been bad and will continue to always be bad. You will see stories like these for the rest of your life, guaranteed. Just realize that a lot of people don't feel emotion the same way the majority of the population does. These things that most of us find atrocious don't spark any kind of emotional response in them. It's just a means to an end to them, unfortunately. :(


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This is *dancing* retarded. For the past few years ive sat back and just 'stared' at the unbelievable amount of stupidity in this world. People like her are a reason we need stricter laws.

That said, this world still has a lot of good going for it. just remember that when things get too outta hand.


why is this spazzy vid so viral?

its like kony2012 all over again, only more retarded and boring

the woman got arrested years ago too


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You find this video boring?! retarded?! the *dance* is wrong with you?
Far worse stuff goes on in the world, i dont even look suprised by something like this even more. Think he means it like that.
And I think there is more wrong with people that put that on youtube or w/e and keep watching it. All i need is the title to know i wont watch this video.


some dirty malaysian woman is having a pillow fight with her baby
how is that even thread worthy? nvm viral worthy
and to put it into perspective:
Holy *chocolate cookies*! You seriously call that a pillow fight!? The kicking must have been part of the 'pillow fight' in your perspective?
Yeah, that picture is *danced* up, doesn't mean what that women was doing to a 8 month old baby is any less *danced* up!
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