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Howdy, folks!

A couple years back, on the old (as in, OLD old, not just once-removed-old) IA forums, an individual, whose warnom escapes me at the moment, decided it might be cool to write some Legions fiction --since, at that point in time, none existed. Being a haplessly passionate writer myself, I figured I'd join in on the fun, and I wrote a continuation to his story, which he then followed up. We ended up having a back-and-forth, others joined in, and we all built upon each other's tales to create a dynamic, Legions-inspired story.

When it became clear things were getting a little out of hand, one of the old (OLD old) moderators, whose name ALSO escapes me at the moment, created a separate thread for those pieces of fiction.

Now, I still have my contributions, but I don't have the others, which means I'm hanging there with half a story. I'd like to try and track down the other pieces, which means tracking down either the original writers, or the moderator who put them aside and might (unlikely, I know) have them stashed away somewhere.

I write a lot for my job, but I miss writing fiction, and I'd like to continue the story. And, assuming someone on these forums harbors the same interest, hopefully have one or more of you do the same.

So, does anyone recall either a) who that moderator was, b) who those writers were, or c) have some idea of where the stories might be today? Because it'd be a darn shame if all that effort was lost to the ether.

Thanks a bunch!


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Aha! Yeah, Rouge jumped in shortly after the initial salvo of storytelling with a four-parter -- the Chapter 1 that's been posted on LegionsPlayers. Thanks for the pointer, Fixious!

Rouge! (Or, I guess it's Rougey now...) Good to read your handiwork again! Might you recall who it was that compiled all those stories into the other forum, or know where the heck those other tales might have gone?


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Are you thinking of ZhouYu (now shortened to Zhou)? He was writing some of the early fan fiction, and has also been one of the moderators. And yes, except for "Serra", most of the stuff will most likely be lost.


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Are you thinking of ZhouYu (now shortened to Zhou)? He was writing some of the early fan fiction, and has also been one of the moderators. And yes, except for "Serra", most of the stuff will most likely be lost.

He's the one! I THOUGHT there'd be a Z in there somewhere.

Thanks a ton for the pointers, folks. Now to cross my fingers and hope Zhou kept some of his work offline. =)


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Apparently it only archived the thread titles, not the contents, at least every forum posting I click on gets a page not found type of error.

Yeah, I got all excited... but the forum where the post would have been was not found, much less the post itself. Thanks for trying, though!

It's looking more and more like we'll need to start ourselves some fresh storytelling. =)


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I made a Fan fic, it chouldnt fit in there so i made it .pdf and uploaded it, tell me what you think
Its called: The Nexus Legion's(this is just episode 1, I'm trying to make a second episode with more action)

Short Description:​
  • There are 2 families at war for the power of the Overdrive that is hold in the Nexus.( Histrati's and Ignatri's). The leaders of these two factions(Hector and Vector) are actually brothers, and when one of them dies, peace is instaured, but the rivalry doesn't end.
  • Time passed by
  • A new faction appears Suxen's(actually its Nexus spelled backwards) lead by Sorat. The Suxen's make the old factions go at war once again. For them it was just a diversion from the real act that they were about to do: to steal the Nexus power.
  • Votros and Cronos are actually projections of their ancesters Hector and Vector, that end the war and save all the universe from Sorat plan.
  • In the end they unite the two factions under the name of The Nexus Legion's.


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Hey Stefy! Always a pleasure to find someone else interested in storytelling.

Your concept looks pretty fun! I'll admit, though, that I worry about its context within the greater Legions mythos. Now, granted, there's not a whole lot of existing backstory to go on, but as writers, we work with what we've got on hand. In this case, what we've got readily available is Rougey's piece (mentioned and linked to earlier in the thread), which sets up some interesting backstory that is playfully tied, if only in spirit, to the Tribes universe. It sets up a greater galactic conflict within which we can set our stories, and establishes a little bit of culture at the same time.

I'd love to track down Zhou's stuff, which was more "day-in-the-life" material and provides some nifty examples of what a battle scene could look like; in the meantime, you can see the other half of the tale we wove together way back when at http://dantennant.com/?page_id=197.

Here's the thing: Storytelling isn't always about a grand design and an epic struggle; sometimes, it's just about one or two characters, and the journeys they go on. Your concept about the Nexus is fun, but it's also pretty vast, which makes it a lot harder to follow through with. (And, unfortunately, it doesn't quite mesh with the small amount of material that's already been written by the likes of Zhou and Rougey.)

I would totally dig reading a stefygraff-penned tale, especially if it grew off of, and added to, that small bit of Legions mythos that already exists. We may not be on the Overdrive development team, but we can still contribute creatively! The way we do that is by working together to create stories that can help give others glimpses of what it's like to play the game... just, in literary form. =)


I actually read that thing. I'm pretty sure that some of the people who wrote in there are inactive now but Chi-Ro I remember had a piece up there too. You could ask him for that.

I could help you guys too. I wrote something and pasted it onto the Firefall forums after IA went down. (Didn't find this site yet)

'm kinda confused about Stefy's whole Great War thing...


I've been working on a standalone short story that's based off of Legions. Once its done, I'll post it.