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Taken from the blog:

Are you a student looking to strengthen your portfolio? An experienced artist looking for an interesting and active non-profit project?

The Legions: Overdrive team is currently seeking a Texture Artist to work with our existing Art Team. Legions: Overdrive is a non-profit, community driven first-person shooter based off the Instant Action property, Fallen Empire: Legions.

We’re seeking a self-motivated individual who is able to devote their time (notably weekends), work within a team environment, be able to provide quality texture work, and be able to work within the constraints of 512x512 maps.

Knowledge of .dds format and the ability to lay out UVs is preferred.

Please submit examples in a .png format (showing work with Diffuse and Specular maps) to


Cool, I remember this guy, Malox or someone, who said he was good at maps and stuff etc etc. Oh well. :p


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Good luck artists! Too bad for me, little stefy is not a big artist, but i still offer my service to the talented members: my sexiness will inspire them new maps!


dang, not my kind of art / didn't work on textures...i would if i had more experience...GL!


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^ texture maps


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i was thinking the second was something like that or bump map.. but hey i would image it be diffuse skin because it looks good for metal that way. That all in photoshop? Curious to how you do the small dials and bolts.