Introducing Your New Co-Community Manager: Apcizzle!

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Any idea's that any of you may have to help the community grow or anything along those lines, i'd love to hear from you so just send me a message on the forums!
Seymour's swimsuit picture gallery!

Joking aside, grats for your nomination :)


Test Lead
Not to piss on the parade, but is this role really needed with the current state of Legions? Unless it's about to get a huge update (maybe this is a hint), with possible advertising plans on the (visible) horizon, I doubt we'll really see much of you.



Something we're lacking in this game is competition and community involvement. Each time i had a radio show, i had ATLEAST 30 people show up and listen. People met new people... i had atleast 2 new people show up in teamspeak and have a good time at the after show PUG. Stuff like that is needed.

Also, more videos and content like the top 10 would help gather interest from old vets to newcomers. All of these can slowly add up and make the game closer and closer to where we want it.

Seymour is the nice, sexy guy with charm on the forums. He's the reasonable one per say. I, on the other hand, have more involvement within teamspeak and all the teams and individual players. With our powers combined, we can be a mean force representing everyone.

Atleast that is what i am going for :)


Flatulent Cherub
Seymour's thick, Canadian accent was disturbing and upsetting for people on TS3.

Also, while Apcizzle isn't the attractive female co-manager that Bugs' promised Seymour, he's still on the prettier side, so Seymour's content with this choice.


its like high school all over again and i sorta agree its unneeded atm but!....congrats anyway
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