Happy Birthday Thread


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Shut yo mouth Jordan... Happy Birthday my favourite Euro <33333333333333
Hope you have a great day....... making legions maps.

Happy Early Birthday to Jordan too (4 months and 9 days).

EDIT: Did someone say STEFY'S BIRTHDAY?



Am I only one for stefy's needs?
All this was translated on Google Translate™. I own no copyright apart from my real name and life. Please correct me if I am wrong.
English - Happy Birthday Stefy
Romanian - stefy La multi ani
German - Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Stefy
Italian - Buon Compleanno Stefy
Dutch - Hartelijk gefeliciteerd Stefy
Polish - Szczęśliwy Stefy urodzin
Russian - С Днем Рождения Stefy
French - Stefy Joyeux anniversaire


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Wow, thanks guys!!!!! i love this community, even you jordan! Im so happy to be part of this man! I've made a lot of buds out here, you have no idea! <3.
Special thanks to jedrek! you are a very good guy man! respect!

also big hug to all of you, will upload my mothers cake for you guys!
Hope i can start "making (bad) maps" asap lol- hsp :p