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To those who somehow haven't joined by now, the Legions Discord is somewhat active and has about 100 online users throughout the day. People trickle in from time to time looking to play, but eventually leave when they see empty servers. People want to play, but starting a pub never really happens one else is playing. We've had a few PUG nights every 6 months or so, only lasting 2-3 games, then people leave and the cycle continues.

I propose bringing back regular PUGs like we had a few years back. I think there's enough people left to get the ball rolling, and if so only more will join / come back. Both the Tribes and Midair communities use a Discord bot to organize PUGs, and has been working great for literally years. There's no reason why Legions can't take advantage of this. It'll take a few games to get used to how the bot works, but it isn't difficult at all. Simply:

Join the Legions Discord
Head to the #play-together channel
Type !add

That's it. You're added to the PUG queue. At the moment there's a 5v5 queue and 7v7 queue. If you only wish to play the 5v5 game, type !add 1. For the 7v7 queue, type !add 2. If you don't care and just want to play, the aforementioned !add will add you to both. When enough players have joined the queue, two captains are picked by the bot. The bot will send the captains a PM in Discord asking them to pick their desired team and maps. Once teams are picked, two voice channels will be created for each team.

In Midair they play two maps. At the end either captain types !finishgame win, !finishgame loss, or !finishgame tie depending on the outcome. The queue is then cleared and people can add up to it again. The amount of maps played doesn't matter - if we just want to do one map instead of two, it'll work the same.

A number of Legions players are playing Midair these days. If they can help get this thing off the ground, it'll be something to play when Midair PUGs are silent. If desired, the server can be set to mimic a more classic style Legions, such as OD only, frag / boost nades, and all the newer stuff stripped out. We can also look at shortening the game timer to something like 15 minutes for quicker games. With two PUG servers right now, one can be 'classic' while the other can be current Legions, allowing us to choose. Just something to think about. Again:

Join the Legions Discord
Head to the #play-together channel
Type !add

And have fun. Share this with anyone on your Steam list / Facebook who might be interested in coming back. This shouldn't be a hype train for a one-time thing, but rather a revival of regular PUGs. We can aim to launch this tomorrow, perhaps in the evening or night (8pm EST).
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so i can't log into my email i made this forms account, but i can remember my username and password to the forms so i can like this!