Battlefield 3 in open beta!


stinky bear
Derp, still haven't gotten around to building my computer, probably gonna buy my CPU as soon as funds transfer and stuff


Origin actually isn't all that bad, and the download is going extremely fast. I would have thought that it would be incredibly slow for the next couple days at least, but that's surprisingly not the case.

Edit: Just finished playing my first game, specs wise this game runs amazingly. I posted the rig I have in another thread earlier and I'm able to run bf3 on ultra with all the filtering and whatnot set to max at 60+ fps. Recording with fraps doesn't put much of a strain on it either. Woo! So dash away that thought of needing a 1000$ rig with crossfired video cards. :D

Edit2: The out of game server browser works remarkably well, it's pretty seamless.

Doom Of Neroflame

getting beta on pc,xbox 360, ps3 then il see which one il get this game on :D..this beta is handy to help pick what game i want for which console :p


Eh, the differences go beyond just the graphics. The maps will be altered to be smaller on the console versions among a list of other changes which will directly affect the gameplay.


If anyone's playing, feel free to add me on the Battlelog! Maybe we can have some games together!
And post your usernames as well here, I'll update this space with usernames so we can find each other easily! (i.e. if you want to :) )

LO Name - BF3 Name
A2 - RBDoll
Doomofneroflame - Neroflame666
U8er - UberJunkie
BeefThief - B33fTh33f
Apcizzle - Apcizzle


Why not... just try it

And you have campus internet now.. so itll download in no time. Orgin is pretty fast.