1,000 Point Challenge

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The idea
I was in a pub yesterday and hit the 1k mark and after the map changed a lot of newer players asked "You had 1k points, what do you get?" with nothing better to say i said "72 Virgins".
So this got me thinking of the old IA days where the Devs/CMs would hold mini contests like Kill Derek and win a skin and all the others like it.

The Challenge
Score 1,000 points in a CTF game with at least 8 players in a server.
Public or Pick up game, it doesn't matter.

The Process
Play legions.
Score big points. 1k and above.
Submit a ScreenShot of your score and your LegionsOverdrive.com Account Name in this thread.

The Prize
Since i can't offer avatars/skins/voices like the old contests did, i can offer a Special tag and you're name on the list of people who are able to nab 1,000 points. Ego feeding.

The Why
I've noticed a lot of people in PUBs getting better and i think if a goal is set for new players to reach it might make pubs more fun. A hopeful side effect.

The Disclaimer
Mainly to the Pros/Vets/Trolls, This was thought up with new players in mind although anyone can take a shot at it. This thread is not for telling us how easy and how many times you have broken the 1k mark. Please keep the thread clean and neat, lets see if any of the newbloods can reach the mark. By attempting or completing the 1k challenge you agree to the following: I forfeit the divine rights to my soul and give ownership to armageddon for whatever use he sees fit in the after life.

The List
  • Armageddon
  • Unleashed
  • U8er
  • Novazs
  • Sinister
  • Pure
  • Fireblasto
  • Frost
  • Piggeh
  • AFireInAsa
  • Skutki


Legions Developer
thats cool but you could also go the arcade style route with listing of high scores, also might be great idea to go by postions and/or loadouts because some obviously are different scoring methods then others... for instance capping the flag can easily rack up points depending on the game.


Old man
Done it as a capper and I got a sc. I don't think I'm one of the people Arma wants to wear the tag, but if you think I'm qualified to be proud owner of the tag then I'll post the sc here.


This will end up in huge scorewhoring, which is already a problem.

I agree with what rip said, there are people in game that just focus on score only,sometimes teammates tk me for the flagto cap kill me to return the flag and this *chocolate cookies* has to stop why not have the same thing like IA with no score just kills deaths and add caps.
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