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    January 2012 Content Update

    Pc is down for some time.
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    January 2012 Content Update

    I wish I can come back too legions ;(
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    2000 Points in a CTF match?

    I already accomplished this.
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    1,000 Point Challenge

    But wait how can there be a rank #1? In order to be Rank #1, don't you have to be the very best at every position? Or say your on Nivo and your in outrider and your a fast skilled chaser chasing bad cappers and the main guy killing enemy's with the flag. That is the most easiest way to crack...
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    This guy...

    I never liked that guy. But I i know back in IA he would Tk only the people he know he can kill.
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    1,000 Point Challenge

    HA ! legions Scores ? Im Rank #1 in GOW3
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    RIP Steve Jobs

    this makes me wonder what does this means for the future of Apple ? Because it can only go one of two ways , either *chocolate cookies* is going to get better , or worse . It may be impossible for things to stay the same. Because at the end of the day, nobody can never care about a product more than its...
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    Mortar Poll

    As much as mortar get annoying a bit. I don't think the game would be the same if you delete them.
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    A message to mortar 'users'

    That is a good solution.
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    Its a Its a difference but you don't feel it , I get 45 t0 57 ping and im in New York.
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    Air Brakes

    There should be something called "Drop". If you hit the ground to hard or hit a unpleasant bump the flag should automatically fall out the carriers hand.
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    Best/Decent Hof In legions?

    Oh yea, true that.
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    Best/Decent Hof In legions?

    The same names over and over, the same guys who been playing legions since the very beginning. New up and coming names should be mentioned.
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    lol at the name "Plankie" its always the baby like names that make me chuckle a little bit as i read them.
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    Legions: Overdrive - Velox

    Love you for using 3rd person Pure.
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    Best/Decent Hof In legions?

    Best HoF bowl party - Shaska
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    1,000 Point Challenge

    Lol the hell . . .
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    1,000 Point Challenge

    Good chasers mainly get 1,000k . I cracked it on LO only three times.
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    Why I can't stop playing legions.

    Quick question - Does anyone mom ever ask them why do you play Legions so much or as they would refer to it, "That Game"? Another question - How many of you have a girlfriend, or have a life ?
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    Bugging the devs: Arena

    I heard a rumor of spectator mode. Im not 100% on it though.