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  1. Teddy945

    Arena style Map: Stadium/StadiumGreen

    Hey I made two maps I had sort of an idea what if legions was some sort of sport. quid-ditch what would it play like? Here are two maps. The first one is a very basic layout just an oval the second I decided to have the players travel around the map to score points using boost rings that would...
  2. Teddy945

    Download Temple Run (race)
  3. Teddy945

    Download Roller coaster

    Challenge/race map LATEST VERSION Place the race files in legions/data/missions Place game.cs in sever/game/defaultGame
  4. Teddy945

    Download The Pit

    How to duel?
  5. Teddy945

    Download Outcast_V2

    My map Outcast did not have much height difference. This caused slow skiing and awkward game play. I have Improved the terrain by raising the bases quite a bit and improving the center of the map making it much easier for front caps. Raising the bases greatly improved side caps. I also added...
  6. Teddy945

    Download Alyn Valley & Gemini's Secret Garden

    Happy holidays people of legions. :D I got a dirty map and a clean map for you guys. Alyn Valley is a work in progress but I need to get some feedback and Gemini's Secret Garden is a TDM map and will be ready for download soon. Hope you guys enjoy the maps and get plenty of presents from Santa...
  7. Teddy945

    Download Purple Flurp

    This is Purple Flurp. When I came up with this color scheme I loved it and I wanted to make a map that was skate park themed. Its not very skate parky but it does look nice and it has decent cap routs. I'm open to suggestions. let me know what you think :rolleyes: DOWNLOAD...
  8. Teddy945

    Download Monument (TDM)

    Monument is different so I don't know if it will play well at all. I had the idea of a mountain style map for a while so a gave it a try over the weekend. It turned out pretty nice in my opinion. Hope you guys think so too. Cut me some slack it was my first time doing a commentary lol :oops...
  9. Teddy945

    Download Wintermelt?

    My Spin off of Wintermelt. DOWNLOAD: *Defenders original terrain *Redesigned bases *Towers Replace trees Hey guys, nothing new just kind of a remake/re-skin of the map Wintermelt. I really did Enjoy the map Wintermelt so I...
  10. Teddy945

    Download Shoreline Update

    Lets start the summer by going to the beach. This is my update to my map shoreline. I started from scratch and recreated the entire map. I think it has potential so go try it out! As always let me know what you think and tell me what I could change because feedback is super important. I might...
  11. Teddy945


    This is a little quick map I made. I came up with the idea when messing around with Blink. We made this oversize dueling arena and it was actually really fun. The map uses many levels that give off a very fun dueling experience. Now off of that idea I made this 1v1/3v3 CTF/TDM map. The map is...
  12. Teddy945

    Present from Teddy: Sand Box

    Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas! I was going to make a whole map pack but I'm lazy so I only made one map. Now I know all my CTF maps suck so I made a TDM map! YAY... something different for you guys ;D. maybe I'll make another one if this doesn't fail :P anyway tell me what you think and have a nice...
  13. Teddy945

    New map: Zion

    Here is my new map for anyone who wants to check it out. I'm not sure if I made the download files right, so please tell me if the download doesn't work. It doesn't look too pretty but I think its one of my better terrains to play on...
  14. Teddy945

    Making a good map: Tips

    About me: (just if your curious) I love making things, always have. Legos for days as a kid. I love the Idea of having other people enjoy something you made. Drawing, origami, Sculpting, and of course map making. I played many games where you can make things. The X box game Halo made me...
  15. Teddy945

    (Insert map name here)

  16. Teddy945

    Outcast or Shoreline v2?

    I have Created two maps but I don't know which one to put into the competition. Outcast is a small map (Frostbyte Size) and I made improvements to my Shoreline map (smaller, lights, improved terrain, new flag stand) so the map is not as enormous as it previously was. I am unsure if Outcast is...