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  1. WhiteHawk

    Old days with clan tags

    i wish they would bring back clan tags. idk about you guys but i prefer it than the crappy clan tags now that we make by our names. All my old teammates in Reflect.
  2. WhiteHawk

    The Hunger Games

    So for the people that read the book who is going to go watch it? I AM #1 FAN HERE
  3. WhiteHawk

    For the lols

    Look at the time remaining....
  4. WhiteHawk

    Hawks Vs. V7Y

    It's official V7Y V. Hawks- In a few weeks this will take place :) Hawks remember to find me on team speak for more info. Also we will have one or two practices before we scrim them, most likely Saturday. So practice, practice, practice ! Also if you wish to be part of Hawks- you have to be a...
  5. WhiteHawk

    What is your opinion on Minecraft the Final version?

    Just wanted to know what you guy thought? And if any of you still play?
  6. WhiteHawk


    I just want to know how many Hawks are out there so plz post the name of hawks you do know of.
  7. WhiteHawk

    Random Thread

    Sence poeple like propkid , Dici , etc. Tend to go off topic and that causes thread to be closed by the staff so that's why I created a thread that could never go off topic cause its random! Talk about anything you want......ill start u guys off what's ur favroit food?
  8. WhiteHawk

    Team Speak 3 help

    I just wNted to know what the ip and password for for team speack....seence I also use my andriod phone for team speack.
  9. WhiteHawk

    Minecraft Server Free to all that would like to jion me.

    I made a new minecraft server and will have the server up 70% of the time and if you would like to join Private messgae me! the ip to jion my server is
  10. WhiteHawk


    i cant walk normally im always gliding with do i fix?
  11. WhiteHawk

    Skype instead of tp3

    Ok I made this thread so anybody that wants to share there skype name instead of teamspeack ( for those that don't have mics) you can use Skype to call eachother and form groups calls and its still free. My Skype name is Eric7773333 feel free to message me and and tell me you want to...
  12. WhiteHawk

    Best Sniper

    I was looking threw the forms and couldn't fint a thread of who you guys think is best I made this who do you guys think is the best sniper in the game?
  13. WhiteHawk

    New clan for everyone (excluding Shaska)

    This clan is for mostly new players but older players also invited cause we are going to need them....... I want to trian all new players and have them under one clan make one giant nooob clan and trian them to become good players but I need poeple to help me with this.....who's in...