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  1. CapnSlaps

    I can't wait to play Legions:Overdrive!

    So excited, it's been a while, anyone online?? hah
  2. CapnSlaps

    Is anyone playing still

    I get on legions once on awhile, there are 5 servers, no one on ever, is there something i need to update or do people come on at certain times or is it dead :(
  3. CapnSlaps


    It's really great and I love it. It's really fun when you're trying to distract the enemy team and trip people out. But is there any way we could be facing the direction we were when we teleported? I hate changing directions all the time. thanks :)
  4. CapnSlaps

    Keep up the good work!

    I played this game alot before, then I started playing LoL but I'm back now and I'm so happy to see that Legions is still going. Great work by all the staff for this, thanks so much, Legions will always be my favorite game :]
  5. CapnSlaps

    "System could not find the file specified"

    This is the message I get when I try to press the 'PLAY' button in the legions launcher. Help?