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  1. GReaper

    Forum Upgraded to XenForo 1.4

    Seemed a fairly easy update - let me know if there's any problems.
  2. GReaper

    InstantAction bot

    For those of you who remember, back in 2009-2010 I reverse engineered some of the InstantAction code to get dedicated servers up and running, and a bunch of us came together to add more features to Legions whilst it was still hosted on InstantAction. It took weeks of effort, and sadly it only...
  3. GReaper

    Forum Upgraded forum, signature update

    Forums have been updated to the latest version of XenForo - version 1.2! With this update gives us a little bit more control, so I'm now disabling images in signatures for regular users. Why? Because your signature isn't a place to put a 5.3MB animated gif. Sorry to any users who had...
  4. GReaper

    Legions Launcher

    Over the past few months I've been working on a new launcher to replace the old one, and now I feel it's about time to get it tested by a wider audience. At some point in the future, this will become the main launcher and support for the old one will disappear - so it needs testing by as many...
  5. GReaper

    New launcher... soon

    Coming soon! Main features compared to the old launcher: - Doesn't require a login - Only checks all files if there's an update - so faster to load the game - Deletes files which are no longer required (just set them read only to keep them) - Launcher can auto update as well
  6. GReaper

    SSL certificate update

    Make sure your Windows is fully updated!
  7. GReaper

    Goodbye Shazbot servers, hello Phoenix!

    Not worthy of a thread in announcements, but thought I'd mention it here. The [DE] Shazbot servers have been shut down, and the [UK] Phoenix servers are up and running as a replacement. Server admins should be the same as the Hotswap server.
  8. GReaper

    Forum account purge

    Due to a few recent spam problems, I've been clearing out a bunch of accounts. Any users who: Have never posted to the forums Don't have an avatar set ..have been removed. Sorry to any lurkers, however you'll have to register your account again.
  9. GReaper

    So, apparently some of you have problems with Hotswap TX...

    ...but nobody has posted a pingplotter report. :( Please follow the instructions in Diagnosing network related issues and post a reply in this thread. Thanks for your understanding and have a great day!
  10. GReaper

    Public Test Going Live

    Go go blog post! Servers will be updated over the next couple of hours, so please be patient!
  11. GReaper

    Public Test Update

    More info here! Please test the update, as we're wanting to push the changes live in a few days time.
  12. GReaper

    Extended Hotswap Downtime

    I know it sucks, sorry. :(
  13. GReaper

    Goodbye Atlas and Prometheus

    Time for players to host their own games!
  14. GReaper

    January 2012 Content Update

    Some of our developers have been quite busy, go and have a look!
  15. GReaper

    Unlocked Game on Public Test

    Finally, an updated .exe file! Also, a huge thanks to Triad for spending far too many hours debugging the problems we've had in order to get this working.
  16. GReaper

    Updated CTF Map Rotation

    Has now been applied to all other servers!
  17. GReaper

    Updated CTF Map Rotation on Shazbot Servers

    Blog post here! Rotation is: FrostByte - 1.0 (0-18 players) Nivosus - 0.8 (0-12 players) Moonshine - 0.6 (0-14 players) Zenith Cauldron - 0.9 (16-20 players) Fallout - 0.9 (16-20 players) Stygian - 0.2 (16-20 players) Elegiac - 0.6 (14-20 players) Gorge - 0.5 (14-20 players)
  18. GReaper

    Hotswap Down Again

  19. GReaper

    Hotswap Down

    Sorry :(
  20. GReaper

    Unlocking Legions - Upcoming Changes

    Read through this carefully, any questions?