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    Can't get Linux to work (any)

    This is probably not the best place to ask, but I know there is a few people who use it. I'm having problems installing (or even using the live USB). For some reason, it's just freezing either at the logo screen, or just on the purple Ubuntu screen. It tries to load, but then about 6 seconds...
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    Merry Christmas

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    Launcher language?

    Question for GReaper mostly. I'm guessing the Launcher was written in Python? And what GUI Framework did you use?
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    :( Wasn't the best night I've had! Had to get a new one as the other was totaled. It actually doesn't look that bad, but it is. Was nearly a head on collision if I didn't swerve in time.
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    RAM Help

    I'm using my laptop which has 4gb of ram. But, only 2.48gb is usable. I'm aware that my built in graphics card can take some ram. I installed a 32bit OS too... Not sure if that's something to do with it?
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    Yeah or no?

    Wanted to create something different. Just think of it as a frozen ocean or something. I haven't really created any routes yet, and I've not put any detail into the bases. I just want to know what you think. Updated:
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    Script not working

    Slowly but surely getting there, but needing some help. I've created this: addMessageCallback("MsgCtfLlamaGrab", foo); function foo (%msgType, %msgString, %a1, %a2) { echo($a2 + " Llama grabbed " + %a1 + "'s flag"); echo("%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%"); }...
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    Different map styles

    Hi! I just want to ask the community a question. This game has a few new maps now, but people just want to play the older maps (e.g: Frosty). Why is this? I personally think it's nice to have a change. Even is the map doesn't have good routes, or perfect skiing hills, it's nice to have a...
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    Rekt my computer...

    I updated my bios.. It restarted and now, it's stuck on this screen. I am prepared that this is not recoverable. Is it bricked? Any advice? :/
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    Getting confused with args

    I've decided to give scripting a go. But, I'm not understanding how arguments work. I do know about arguments and all that jazz in different languages, but I'm not too sure how it works for TorqueScript. There is arguments like: %msgtype %msgstring I'm guessing you can name an argument...
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    Just a question...

    When this game came available again, why did you choose to make it a standalone download? And not in-browser? And because this game has pretty much had it and I know the chances are very slim, but if you really wanted to, could you make the game playable in the browser again?
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    Windows 10

    Who's got it? I've got it and I must say I really do like it. There's still a lot of bugs but they are updating (I think) as they go along, and they recommend not to overwrite your previous OS just yet. I have anyway. You can download Technical Preview FREE from the official Microsoft website...
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    Fall Damage?

    In BasePlayer.cs, why doesn't this work when I set it to false? I remember when it would work, but now it's not. takesFallingDamage = false; *Edit* In fact, any editing in that file doesn't work... Any reason why?
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    (Help) Percentage Colour

    Back in the day, the critical color of a player was red. Anyway to change this?
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    Custom forum style

    I've created a custom forum style for people who is still here. I've still got lots to do on it. I'm using a Chrome extension called "Stylish", which allows me to add CSS properties. Before: After: Download will be available soon.
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    Ping issues

    Never mind.
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    Best mistake ever!

    Want to hear it? I overwrote my Windows OS with Ubuntu. Just don't even ask me why. I just felt like I wanted to see something new, because I was seeing the same old things in Windows. Installing things on this bad boy seems to be impossible, and it's absolute funcking crazy just to do the most...
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    JNG Files

    How would I open them and edit them? Or is that not possible?
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    British governments pay to keep Windows XP alive Anyone still use XP?