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  1. mark ownz cres

    Merry Late Christmas and a Happy New Year

    Sup guys. Just wanted to wish everyone a merry christmas and I hope everything goes well throughout the new year. Including getting legions active again :P
  2. mark ownz cres

    Gaming PC Build?

    Hey guys. I'm really considering building a pc that wouldn't be expensive, but would also be fairly good when it comes to gaming. I have a $500 budget and it would be really great if you guys could help me out with finding some of the best parts that you guys know of the complete the build as I...
  3. mark ownz cres

    Legions and Memory

    Hello. First off, I have very shitty net. I've had this modem for over 12 years with no updates/upgrades to it. This is a screenshot of a speedtest I did from my current isp and the ping was about 139 ms. Whenever I'm in game and the game hasn't started as yet, my fps is fine but as soon...
  4. mark ownz cres

    Most points on leeejunnzzz!

  5. mark ownz cres

    V7Y Recruiting

    The Valiancy is currently recruiting. If interested, contact me or Epiclight by sending us a private message, commenting on this thread or you could also contact us on ts3. We would like for you to also come to our team practice/meeting on Saturdays which starts at 5-7:00 EST before we could say...