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  1. Darklord

    Midair Kickstarter is LIVE The game is really, really good. If you like Legions, you will like Midair. A number of the testers are people you know from Legions -- myself, Sin, Nil, Fire, and the core development team are all ex-legions players/developers --...
  2. Darklord

    New Game - MIDAIR

    If you guys do plan to back it (And do, the game is awesome!), the sooner the better after it launches. Momentum is everything for Kickstarter, a good first day can help the overall total quite a bit.
  3. Darklord

    New Game - MIDAIR

    App is right, you will be totally fine moving over, most of the concepts are the same. Gameflow is a bit different, particularly in base, but the skills are highly transferable. Downjet isn't currently planned, but I know mabel has been missing it at times, as have I. One of those things we...
  4. Darklord

    New Game - MIDAIR

    Player scale is totally fine, everything feels natural there. Mortar damage is gigantic, but falls off too quickly. Pretty sure Mabel is buffing it soon. Range is a tad short, though still very usable, and is also potentially being buffed. Base is still a work in progress, so balance for the...
  5. Darklord

    New Game - MIDAIR

    So, now that Kickstarter is just about here, testers are allowed to talk more about the game. It plays very much like T1, and is really, really fun with small LT (5-7 man, lights only for those who don't know) pugs so far. Base still isn't done, so can't really comment on that. Netcode is...
  6. Darklord

    New Game - MIDAIR

    Kickstarter hasn't gone up yet, they are just teasing some of the planned tiers.
  7. Darklord

    New Game - MIDAIR

    So essentially you either buy a full game for 20$, or you don't and get your chain/disk/etc for free while doing the in-game stuff for weapons like Bolt that are more niche. Totally reasonable, and helps improve accessibility and grow the playerbase which is never a minor consideration for...
  8. Darklord

    LODC 1.0 Release

    Those are probably beyond the capabilities of the engine -- you can do fast forward, but reverse is 10000x harder most likely.
  9. Darklord

    LODC 1.0 Release

    If anyone wants some source material, here are 3 games from last night: I may do something with it myself, but realistically I've never really been one to spend time making things like this.
  10. Darklord

    LODC 1.0 Release

    Other feature creep ideas: Auto bookmarks on long MAs over a certain distance, flag returns within X distance of enemy stand, carrier kills within an even shorter distance of enemy stand, flag grabs X meters above the ground while going faster than Y mps. Name the demos something more...
  11. Darklord

    LODC 1.0 Release

    Looks great guys. Huge shoutout to Pop, Triad, Fixi and everyone else who spent an enormous amount of time on this!
  12. Darklord


    Thursday is only two days before the Saturday PUG though. Perhaps give Tuesday or Wednesday a shot, and see if we can get the attendance?
  13. Darklord

    Base 2 Base for Prophet.

    That was some Freeman level skiing right there.
  14. Darklord

    Draft Tournament.

    I'll play.
  15. Darklord

    Boost core ideas...

    Boost nades are not nearly as effective as boost core. If they were, people would be using them and a different core like shield or regen for chasing. Chasing is in the most balanced state it has been in perhaps the history of the game because of boost core. The health/time tradeoff of using...
  16. Darklord

    1,000 Point Challenge

    1k points is dead simple in a game that lasts the full 25 on frost. 1.5k is more impressive/difficult.
  17. Darklord

    Teams and Times for the Legions: Overdrive Summer Extravaganza!

    A grand on us. Mabel, Pop, Fire, want 100$ of ucans money? Have internet problems.
  18. Darklord

    Legions: Overdrive Summer Extravaganza Sign ups!

    I might as well play.
  19. Darklord

    [Official] Legions: Overdrive Summer Extravaganza!

    With those rules, I might even play. Having core is meh though.
  20. Darklord

    Second Nature - 2N

    I was chasing and decided to stay until I died on frost...and was there for 20 minutes. I decided to go for the last cap at the end, which I brought home and then died on the stand =(