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  1. JFelipe704


    Hello Its been 3 years since ive played this game and im just want to know do anybody have the Tibes 1 Voicepacks ?
  2. JFelipe704

    - Please Help

    - Been away for a while because my computer broke down. My moms BF let me borrow his computer till ours get fixed, so I decided I wanted to once again play this Awesome game. Only problem is after I log in and pick a Server I get a Message saying: Legions.exe has countered a problem and needs to...
  3. JFelipe704


    ok ive been away from leejunz for a while and when i decided to play this awesome game once again i keep getting this 0cx000007b error..CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME?????
  4. JFelipe704

    New Editing Software (Better Than Sony Vegas)

    I Made a Legions Video of Optimus Prime flag defending against me. For this video i used a program called Cyberlink and so far in my Opinion is far better than Sony Vegas pro. See for yourself tell me what you think.
  5. JFelipe704

    Request: Adult Snakey

    Does anyone know where to get this voice I use to have it in FE and I miss it
  6. JFelipe704

    Download CG Ret I Use

    Been playing for a while now (Still Noob tho) and my Chaining has Improved. People would ask what CG ret i was using, well Here it is -BossRoss
  7. JFelipe704

    Voicepack Keybindings

    I know there is a mod where in the game you can choose a class without pausing the game "pressing Esc" simply by pressing a number that particular class was set to..My question is this Can this be done with the custom voicepacks so we don't have to press Esc to change it...It would Be Nice