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  1. Desty778

    Create Server

    When I create a server, it doesn't appear on the lobby...why so? i want to make a server for my friends but they cant spot it :( i searched the forums for an answer but i cant find can someone plz tell me what to do to make my server viewable on the lobby.
  2. Desty778

    GR Leader and Right-Hand Back In Action

    I (Destroyer778) and my right hand (GvK-Saphrophytes) have been on a trip to another country for a long time now...We left the GR clan without a leader and we are very sorry for it...Now, we came back for the clan. To all GR members, i am very sorry and i hope we can still recover and unite as...
  3. Desty778

    GR Competition (CTF)

    I am planning to make a friendly GR Competition between the members to bring them closer together... it will be a CTF match (6 vs 6) Team Alpha: 1. Destroyer778 2. Apolye666 3. Lainen 4. RavzzG 5. RBS rulesbreakr 6. GreatTitan Team Beta: 1. GvK-Saprophyte 2. Destroyer18 3. UK-Alpaxj1 4...
  4. Desty778

    Persistent World

    what about legions being a persistent world with only one server?? lol i am dreaming
  5. Desty778

    GR Clan Recruiting

    We would like to recruit players weak and strong. This clan is for everybody(we dont care about their timezones, skills, nationality etc.) For the weak players or those who want to improve, Me and my other clanmates would train you and teach you all the techniques you need to know.... Join our...