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    Beta starts tomorrow for those that have prepurchased. Open beta starts 2 days later. Who will be playing? If enough we could have some pugs? Guess we can use this thread to hand out friend codes aswell. I already gave mine away though.
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    Old videos.

    Checked through my old laptop. Back from when we were little kiddos and some a bit older. Might aswell upload em and post em here. Most used to be on youtube. Some pretty childish *chocolate cookies* is in here but man is it funny looking back at it and some nostalgia. This one is gold. Will upload...
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    Goodbye legions community

    JK you will never be Captain App(pronounced: Farcooooon).
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    Your top 10 legions maps.

    What map is the better map is always a recurring discussion within this community. Yet nobody has ever made a thread like this so here I am to do it. Simply make a top 10 of the legions maps. I am curious what maps get on top. Post some clarification with it maybe but you don't have to. If you...
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    Legions IRC bots

    Thanks to Xzanth the official legions servers now have their own IRC chat bot running on Quakenet. They can be found in their own channels name: #Empire.1 #Empire.2 #Hotswap.1 #Hotswap.2 #LastHope.1 #LastHope.2 The IRC bots forward all the ingame messages of the server to IRC and from IRC to...
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    Download Shaska Nades

    Behold the shaska combo nades. Preview in-game: Download:!tNxXUJTI!aZTGwTCsf6EyZKqKAfffsg If you want this glorious mod then extract the files to here: live\legions\data\shapes\weapons\handGrenades\particles\conc and set it to read only.
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    Sanctum 2

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    Candy box the game.

    Just got my iron sword.
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    1.4 Guide [ Under Construction ]

    List of values for players, objects and weapons. I want to expand on this A LOT more as some of you maybe know but for know I just want to post this here. I am posting it now so that people that wan to help a bit can check if I got the right values or not. I would like to say that ANY developer...
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    Steam Christmas sale.

    I think we had all sale seasons now. Anyways. I literally only have 20 euros left to spend. ; _ ;
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    GET HYPED As a halo fanboy I cant wait for this, hopefully with pc in focus instead of a console but I doubt it.
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    Steam autumn sale

    It is time:
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    Got nothing to do? Here you go. Go check every little thing in there. Good luck.
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    Team In7

    Considering the old thread has not been updated in a long time we are making a new thread. Roster: Leaders: Application-1, Xzanth Members: Annihilate, BadPox, Battelstar, Dimitryy, Dobson77, Fox, pullute, Riptack, Solid, Tomstoiler, Unleashed
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    Who is the weakest link?

    Are you playing vidyagames competitively? But you can't win any tournaments and you don't know why? THEN FIND THE WEAKEST LINK NOW. (it says its about teambuilding but it really is not) We already kicked Unleashed from in7 because he sucks so hard. *dance*...
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    Steam summersale What are you getting? Nothing has catched my eye yet.
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    First open game console. I like it. What about you?
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    Man up - amnesia

    Because amnesia a machine for pigs is coming up we decided to play amnesia and get ready for machine for pigs. What we did is basicly start a game all at the same time and go through it at the same paste. MAN UP SON! (the first 2 parts will have a issue with my microphone unfortunately). It is...
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    Alright losers, it is time you all wake the *dance* up because it is UnHoly time bitches. UnHoly living up to the name and nothing you can do about it scrub! Look at this video and be amazed about our pro tactics, how we neutralize dem threats and more of that MLG stuff SON. FEATURING...
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    Smite closed beta!

    The smite closed beta recently went up and a few of our in7 members (me, xzanth,solid maybe dobson) got in. So maybe a few more of you got in? Post here if you did and we might play a game or 2 with eachother. Also I got quite a few beta keys, no more at the moment but I will post them here if I...