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  1. k e v i n

    R.I.P AnimeObsession

    So if anyone knew him, just to let you know that unfortunately he died a few weeks ago. I was playing in game today and someone said something kind of "mean" to another player and mentioned Anime's name. Myself and the other player told him about Anime's passing and said they didn't know, but...
  2. k e v i n

    Respawn Times

    So, I think this has been fixed......BUT, respawn times are sometimes instant, or up to 8 seconds on hotswap
  3. k e v i n

    skin selection

    the preview for the selected skins doesn't seem to be working. also, i just found out today that you can select your skin, maybe that option should be more noticeable?
  4. k e v i n

    Jet Trail

    so basically....i have my jet trails turned on, and i still can't see my own jet trail. I've tried turning it off, and then restarting my legions. then turn it back on, and even restarted it again, and still no jet trail. it's not a big deal, but i do like to see my own trails :p
  5. k e v i n

    random pictures

    it can be almost any picture you come across on the internet. it can be funny, or imaginative, or creative, sad, happy, almost any picture that you thought the community should see that you've stumbled across on. so i'll start it off with 2 random pics.
  6. k e v i n


    a bit late into it, but it's streaming live
  7. k e v i n

    using pingplotter

    i was told to try pingplotter because i keep freezing ingame, it keeps happening to me in in hotswap server and euro shazbot servers. i'll ski forward, freeze (which makes me stop), continue skiing for a couple of seconds, then return back to the point where i first froze. for this test i was...
  8. k e v i n

    facebook games

    not sure if this was ever created. but many of us do play facebook games, so feel free to post the game you play and maybe even the high score you got. star badminton beat the computer 21-8 after many tries score: 19, 968
  9. k e v i n

    direct x9 this was making me wonder....but can't legions also download the direct x it needs in order to play this game the same time it's installing all the others files on the intial download? this way new players don't have...
  10. k e v i n

    not much advertising, but it's a start So this website has our game up for download, as the title of this thread's not much advertising, but it's a start. Maybe all of us can just visit the link and give legions a GOOD rating, and (hopefully) write a good...