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  1. Belberith

    Script not working

    No prob. It didn't work there because the client/scripts path is executed after the mods/autoexec path, so the addMessageCallback functionality doesn't exist yet when called in a mods/autoexec file.
  2. Belberith

    Script not working

    Your exact code prints stuff fine for me (you'll want to use detag and replaceTeamStrings though). I put it in client/scripts/message.cs.
  3. Belberith

    Script not working

    Oh right, I'd forgotten that TorqueScript deals with strings differently than an actual programming language. %a2 + " Llama grabbed " + %a1 + "'s flag" This will literally add the values of the numbers or strings converted to numbers, and any string in TS is numerically equivalent to 0. The...
  4. Belberith

    Script not working

    echo($a2 Should be %a2
  5. Belberith

    Spectate Bugs

    Hmmm :(
  6. Belberith

    Spectate Bugs

    To fix the AFK kicking when in observer mode, simply add: if (isEventPending($idleTimer[%client])) cancel($idleTimer[%client]); to server/game/observer.cs near the beginning of the serverCmdSwitchToObserver function, like this: function serverCmdSwitchToObserver( %client ) { if...
  7. Belberith

    Fall Damage?

    It's because most of the values in BasePlayer are overwritten by the correct class-specific values in OutriderPlayer, etc when loading, but not during runtime.
  8. Belberith

    (Help) Percentage Colour

    Without engine access, no. There is no script parameter for the colour.
  9. Belberith

    New Game - MIDAIR

  10. Belberith

    Server mod for cores?

    I meant that the function is inside Legions.exe, not in the scripts. The default time that the warp core takes you back is 3 seconds, or 3000 milliseconds. To change that, put %player.setWarpCoreTimeAmount(3000); on line 53 of server/game/defaultGame/player.cs and change 3000 to the amount of...
  11. Belberith

    Server mod for cores?

    It's in the engine. Use %player.setWarpCoreTimeAmount(time in milliseconds).
  12. Belberith

    Would you want a melee weapon in legions ?

    "Melee" for pros: Dodge core.
  13. Belberith

    Currently Listening To...

  14. Belberith

    Some Idiot's Halo 4 mods. (WIP)

    Oops, %team is a string. Use %flagTeam instead of %team: if (%flagTeam == $CurrentTeam) sfxPlayOnce(CtfFriendlyFlagTakenSound); else sfxPlayonce(CtfEnemyFlagTakenSound);
  15. Belberith

    Some Idiot's Halo 4 mods. (WIP)

    The variable on the client storing which team you are on is $CurrentTeam. So your if statement should be: if (%flagTeam == $CurrentTeam) EDIT: Should be %flagTeam, not %team
  16. Belberith

    Extremely regular freezes occur while playing offline

    In the Create Game menu, there is an option called Public Server, which sets whether or not you wish your server to appear on the main server list (assuming you have done the port forwarding, etc. correctly). This controls the $Host::BroadcastMaster variable.
  17. Belberith

    New guy in the forums

    Welcome to Legions! Hope to see you in-game! :)
  18. Belberith

    [Guide] How to set up a dedicated server

    The admin info is supposed to be in config.cs, not defaultPrefs. Also, deleting the first 49 lines of config.cs removes the first 6 default admin levels (0 - Player to 5 - Owner), which is what the admin panel uses to determine who has a high enough level to view the options on the left, as...
  19. Belberith

    How to change combo color?