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  1. yami

    y'all should feel bad about yourselves

  2. yami

    Marble it Up! coming for the Switch, made by several people from Marble Blast on InstantAction

    Check out the new trailer for Marble it Up! Legions gets a shout-out at 1:25. Marble Blast faced a bit of a similar fate as Legions with the whole IAC buy out, it's interesting that they are getting it going again. From the Marble it Up! team, Mark Frohnmayer was a cofounder of GarageGames and...
  3. yami

    Midair Fully Launches

    Patrons of this forum will remember Project Z from years ago. Today the game that spawned out of this community finally launched. Our own boys did it. Go play their fu ck ing game.
  4. yami

    A wild pub appeared...And you missed it! Join us on Discord

    I know there's lots of people that still want to play this game, but when it's time to rev up their jetpacks there's no good way to reach them. We got a nice 8 person impromptu pub going today, partly because of Xzanth's server website, mostly because of pings in the Discord channel, and some...
  5. yami

    Jan 14 Legions play date, 7:00pm EST

    Now that the craziness of the holidays is over let's try for another play date. There seems to be a decent number of people interested in playing. (Tags @Blink @Accelerate @Sumo Slamma @TylerMarket @Fixious @Voltz @loc @nil @Teddy945 @Nyjaa @IzSid @Dino @*Fireblasto* @Shutdown @up_ur_guts @J-Dope...
  6. yami

    Titanfall 2

    Anyone playing it? I just bought it, I've seen some cool stuff being done in CTF with nade jumps and grappling hooks and strafe jumps, people are moving pretty fast. I'm looking for people to play it with, hit me up. If you're interested in buying...
  7. yami

    12/4 4pm EST Play date. Help me christen my new PC

    I am building a PC this weekend. This is my first time doing anything like this and if you've spent any time with me you could probably tell I'm scraping the low end of the computer knowledge spectrum. This could get interesting. Some good friends directed me on a build that hopefully doesn't...
  8. yami

    Can't spawn in the EU server

    As the title says, it won't let me spawn. It says spawn available in 21234234324321 seconds or something. I tried switching teams, switching loadouts, going to spectate and back, starting a new map with letsvote, nothing worked
  9. yami

    Hotswap Servers

    Does anyone have a strong argument to keep the servers up? Triad has been keeping the lights on but he is leaving the country, if we want them up we need to find an alternate arrangement. I'll be the first to do whatever I can to keep the game alive, but I can't find a reason to justify keeping...
  10. yami

    Launcher 0.6.11 issue

    I am having some issues with the launcher. I think it is related to the 0.6.11 update because I was just playing fine last night. The launcher is just stuck at "Downloading launcher version 0.6.11" I tried to download a fresh version from and...
  11. yami

    Offensive Combat Saw an ad for it on the side of facebook, 99% of the time I ignore these ads but that's how I discovered legions so what the hell. Basically it's a vanilla f2p p2w shooter that tries too hard to be funny, overusing the phrase "pwn" and what not. But you do get...
  12. yami

    (mildly NSFW) Ever read a mature magazine and wonder if the "sexy co-eds" are actual students?

    Well sometimes they actually are. And your friendly neighborhood yami has hung out with her (in a group unfortunately) a few times From October's issue of Playboy "The Girls of the Big10" pictorial. I did a quadruple take when I was browsing and I saw the picture, and nobody I was with believed...
  13. yami

    TF2 MvM Co-op

    anyone wanna play it with me? i'm really tired of playing with brain dead children who dont wanna use teamwork and strategy to actually win
  14. yami

    crazy player model bug

    I was playing today and this happened: at first it was only a player model bug, so i turned on fraps to get a screen shot, but then the game ended (at around :39 in the video) and i somehow became stuck in the map after everybody moved on to the next map. i wasnt able to fire or suicide or take...
  15. yami

    Ask the Wommin of Legions [Buggirl read this]

    Buggirl has proclaimed herself the official Wommin of Legions. As such I feel that it's her duty to provide cultural learnings of women for make benefit glorious men of legions. AKA ask bug girl questions about girls and hopefully she will give us some female insight. I definitely didn't ask...
  16. yami

    mario + portal just heard about this from a friend, i'm not sure if i'm behind the loop with this but i thought it would interest a good amount of people here. there also seems to be a pretty active modding community for it so that seemed cool as well. i'm probably gonna...
  17. yami

    How much should I spend on my girlfriend for her birthday

    The last thread I participated in asking for female advice was actually kind of funny and led to some good discussions, so I'll put this one up, half for the lulz and half because I could actually use some good advice in the offchance it comes from here. Some background: I've known her since...
  18. yami

    is there only1bravo?

    Ran into the show below on youtube and it looked interesting so I watched it. It didn't hold my interest for very long, but there was something interesting at 0:45... That has to be only1bravo right? I mean I was under the assumption that there was only1, therefore that person must be him. It...
  19. yami

    request (read: RR) weapon loaded on ret

    Can someone please modify the rets or do something on the hud that shows that a weapon is fully reloaded and ready to fire? It would really help people that don't have an intricate knowledge/feeling for the weapons with the longer reload times (mortar, lr, rl, grenade). I'm thinking the best...