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    Happy B-day Mr. Gore!

    It's See More Gore's bday and lets all wish him the best on this very important day when he gets older and older.
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    My summer vacation project...

    So I went to see my parents during my vacation and spend a lot of time with them and my brother. One evening we decided to start this project to build me my first longboard. I've been skateboarding when I was younger like 25 years ago and then snowboarding from 1997 to 2005 untill I broke my...
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    Reveal your T:A nick!

    I will add you to my friends! My nick is: richard
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    Pretty cool
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    Bloodline Champions

    If you play it, tell me your name and I'll add you to my flist. I r 'dickziz'. Looks ok game and I've been beating the *chocolate cookies* out of bots. That's what I feel like I should do before joining online battles. Getting my first own bloodline soon I hope.
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    We gonna test Mumble tonight. Some old farts such as kasityolainen, oahra, gheist and evil-twat has signed up. Be there at 20cet which is in 1 hour. If you need mumble info, just join or #legions and type !mumble.
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    Quakecon coverage for Quakelive

    One of the biggest Quake tournament is here again. Thought some people would be interested so here are the important urls. Time tables and players/teams: Live coverage: Standings...
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    Draft tournament

    Hi all. There has been discussion about competition and I decided to open this thread for discussion about possible draft tournament. I'm quite busy during june so I would need an extra hand or few to help me to get through this. I also need a website for signups and people who are volunteer to...
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    My friend from way back decided to upload this on YouTube. Never saw it before and I thought I could share it with you guys.
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    Just that you noobs would know who is the best sniper

    was* ;)
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    [preview] dikcsi's skins

    CG and RL are almost ready. Got a lot less time now on my hands so this is gonna take a while.
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    Download Darker than in my pants weapon skins

    Download link: Have fun!
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    Download Dicsis menu(requested)

    Download link: Preview:
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    Legions capping, skill and other videos

    Post everything you got. Lets make a nice compilation of vids for new players in here. Capping videos: Gorge: /Royalty Mirage: /disci Frostbyte: Frostbyte caps...
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    Download Tribes 1 sound pack

    Download: How to use these? Lookie here: Props to Velocity <3 edit: Almost forgot to give credit to greydoubt from nice T1 flag sounds which I converted to mp2 for this. Sorry, I...
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    Those who play Warsow

    New version is out.
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    How is your weather?

    Almost all of this came down during one day. I've so far dug a place for our car 3 times during this winter. Takes 1 hour to park a car... \o/
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    How did you find this site?

    Plain and simple: How did you find your way in here? Mostly interested about those who has came here after IA site went down for good. I was on IRC and saw announcements early on so it was quite easy for me. edit: remembar kidz, coolezt peepz hang out on IRC and we get to hear bezt newz bfor...
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    Gonna put this here

    If you got some clips which has nice action in them feel free to upload it on YouTube and show it in here. Something to do while waiting for Leejunz.