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  1. LunarSolstice

    Nostalgia thread

    Hey guys. Last time I really played Legions was when I was in middle school and I'm 21 now. Went by NeonSolstice and later LunarisDream. Pretty sure nobody remembers me although I do see a few familiar names like Fixious and yami who are still here. :) Was chatting up w/ a friend on Slack when...
  2. LunarSolstice

    Failed to execute main.cs

    Opens launcher. Error pops up that says failed to exec main.cs. Moving main.cs.dso out of the live folder and then attempting to open Legions results in another error similar to the one above. Can I use someone else's main.cs.dso file or do I have to reinstall? Thanks in advance.
  3. LunarSolstice

    Verifying Install takes 3-5 minutes

    After entering my password and authing, the launcher opens and the text above the loading bar says "Verifying install...". I understand it's normally very fast for most people (under a minute) but for me it's usually much more. I run Windows Vista Home Premium on my HP HDX 16 laptop, with few...