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  1. Dimitryy

    Ingame Option Menu Bug (its just not working)

    my ingame menu isnt working (not the video or keybinding one, they are fine) i got a new screen with full HD resolution (had 1200*1000 or so before) and the game looks very different now. (i am playing in 3rd person) the camera is much closer to my legionsair and i cant see enough ... very...
  2. Dimitryy

    The story of a skill-video that never got truly finished – by In7-Dimitryy

    Three and a half year ago, in the good old InstantAction times, where we had flowers on the grass maps, before the huge summerupdate, that nearly killed the community, came, when eldermimmmi and Nvidia were in Team-In7, and the community was growing, Nvidia and elder got the idea of a...
  3. Dimitryy

    In7 - Official Thread

    Finally we got our own thread :) We will use it for scrim requests, scrim results (maybe statistics when avible), our lineup, announcements, recruiting information and videos (like the cow reticle video). Rooster: Leader: xzanth and Dimitryy Members: Kat999, Xecuteur, Annihilate, RiPTaCk...
  4. Dimitryy

    Earthquake in Japan

    does anyone of you comes from japan or lives there? if yes, are you affected, too? i would like to get some "first hand" information about the earthquake. (german newschannels show the same pics/movies everytime, BBC and CNN, too) also, to you californias. i guess there will come a little wave...
  5. Dimitryy

    Choose your own respawnpoints

    I would like to select my own respawnpoints at each map and choose them ingame with the keys 4-9. 3 other keys would need to be added to add a respawnpoint or to delete one maybe O to open a list of your respawnpoints, than select the number you want delete/add and do it with K/L. If you die...
  6. Dimitryy

    Highest CTF Score

    Generation got above 1000 score-points today on Zenith i got around 700 once at moonshine whats your highest score? and if you beat 1020 post a screenshot pls 1st: Homingun 1619 2nd: bethal O_o 1358 3rd: TurboM 1311 4th: Elder 1238 5th: Mabel 1140
  7. Dimitryy

    vote for the next map

    i guess it would be nice if everyone can vote for the next map after the game ends, so we dont need an 24/7 frostbyte or nivo server to play our favorite maps.
  8. Dimitryy

    Respawn under the map

    its not a big problem but it looks a bit weird if you respawn under the map (as spectator and only if you join the game)
  9. Dimitryy

    autobalance, free join, friendly fire (PUBs only)

    i would like to see the possibility to start a game with automatically balanced teams. if there would be an information about each players preferred position and skilllevel, the autobalance could assign the player to team alpha or beta and the teams would be much more balanced. PUBs would be...
  10. Dimitryy


    hello guys i really enjoy the new forum and its nice to see all your cool signaturs i tried to make one for me too but it looks crappy compared to all others (most others :D) so maybe, if someone of you have time and want to do it: could you make me a cool legions sign for me? i posted some...