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  1. KrO

    biiper If you like the music of vidéo games
  2. KrO

    Long live liberty
  3. KrO

    new weapons

    Hi, there is not weapon (sabber for ex.) in this game. it will be fun. no?
  4. KrO

    spirrel vs kro

    spirrel win, kro loose excuse me sprirrel
  5. KrO


    my grenades tend to bounce off the target, I would like grenades wich expode on the targets what ever the distance:rolleyes: it s not a troll. thx.
  6. KrO


    hello, if i use a rocket to launch me and the same time the overdrive, my speed is limited by overdrive. A part of overdrive's energy it would not add when i use a rocket to increase my speed ? thx