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  1. -Zero-

    Your own Logo! or Avatar!

    Hi, it has been a while since i been around the forums.. this thread is to post your own logo or avatar what ever you want to call it. make you own logo and show it off to other ppl :P make something awesome and make ppl be like WOW!! that looks awesome. or whatever here is mine as an...
  2. -Zero-

    naruto shippuden sneak peek!

    i was telling people that there is a little sneak peek of the fight of naruto and sasuke. that one that is coming but noo.. but they keep saying there was none but here it is! Edit: yes there is like pure flash backs of their lives but keep watching everything you will be surprise. also you...
  3. -Zero-

    full game comes out for legions.

    when full game comes out for legions make a trailer this interesting and so realistic and CG
  4. -Zero-

    BUY IT?

    Special thanks to SERVANCE who help me a lot in figuring out what is best for a gaming machine that will last for a couple of years. yes i will have to build it. and i think i am ready to buy.. what do you guys think? AM I MISSING...
  5. -Zero-

    How much?

    how much $ does it cost to have the rights of this game? how much does it cost to have my own server? how much does it cost to have devs. working with me? HOW MUCH DOES THIS GAME COST IN TOTAL? i am just asking. i might buy the rights, i might buy my own server and might hire ppl that dev...
  6. -Zero-

    WIN! Gaming gear

    Give you guys a chance to win razer gaming gear just by doing what u guys like to do, vote for who will win in this 3 defferent game, one of the games is league of legends. Cool! Here is the URL u need. FEELING LUCKY!?
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    just giving a notice. i used to be ZzZero_xX but now thanks to a good friend i will be from now on only -Zero- (say hello to the new name on forums lol.) you can lock now.
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    Do you think this is worth it?

    Do you think this is worth buying? Intel® Core™ i5-2430M processor (2.40GHz / 3.00GHz with Turbo Boost) Genuine Windows® 7 Professional 64-bit 24" 2D LED backlit Full HD touchscreen display (1920 x 1080) NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M (1GB) dedicated graphics CD/DVD player / burner 2 TB (5400rpm) hard...
  9. -Zero-

    -ZA- Zero Assassins

    I made my own website for my clan. join! i am getting this clan thing started again! wwwoohhhooo. BE ACTIVE! EDIT:
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    if this thread shows only a white empty space with nothing in it. click on that white space a video should start playing. EDIT: Are you a RAVER?
  11. -Zero-

    favorite foods?

    mexican food: albondigas. italian food: tour of italy mmmmmm!!! so good. yours?
  12. -Zero-

    Looking for CGI Artists.

    Hi. I am looking for a good artist on cgi. if you are that kind of person post some of your work here. if we like it, you might end up with a great deal, and with some profit in your pockets. JOIN US! THIS PROJECT IS GOING TO BE BIG! ( you guys might already know what project i am talking...
  13. -Zero-

    PC for Gaming?

    I been wanting to buy a new PC (Gaming computer) but i don't know what PC is right just for gaming. one that has a good graphics card, good performance, good quality, and some good memory, and many more that i don't know what you need on a PC to make it good for gaming. Can you guys help me find...
  14. -Zero-

    Can't wait for it to come out!

    This thread is for you guys to post, games, animes, movies, products or others that you can't wait for it to come out and experience it. keep it clean and please keep conversation on the topic. post them like this. Topic:Game, Anime, movie, product or other. post image here or video: I'll go...
  15. -Zero-


    Hello. i found this software that can help those guys that don't have the money to buy Torque 3D (like me) i still don't know if it can help and work with legions overdrive. i saw some screenshots and examples of the software and looks pretty similar and its free. But here is the problem, i...
  16. -Zero-

    FIRE VS U8er?

    Today me and fire were discussing about who was number one Fire or U8er and he keep saying he was number one. and till this member posted up that they should have a match vs each other. and so it goes. Fire VS U8er, one vs one match TDM. Date still don't know but if Fire and U8er go online today...
  17. -Zero-

    (NEW CLAN) -Zero Assassins- READ

    Zero Assassins(-ZA-) We are the Zero Assassins, We were slaves for several years, we couldn't move without being told or else we were killed, we never spoke without them telling us too. Our freedom, our movement, everything was taken from us. We never saw the light of the sun, we saw people...
  18. -Zero-

    Missing MAp. where is this map at? way different than ours.
  19. -Zero-

    Legions Overdrive Trailer?

    Alright you guys are being invited to the LEGIONS OVERDRIVE TRAILER 2011. I need around 15 or more people to join. massive video ever. this video will represent legions a lot. If I can get deadguy, Shattered and other video developers that be great they will be great help. but i still need all...