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    Launcher Stops Responding After I Click Join

    Since the last update, if I were to click play on the legions launcher then the launcher would stop responding, and I would have to close it via the task manager. For whatever reason, I had about 3 different downloads of L:O on my laptop, and I tried the launcher of each download until one...
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    King of the hill

    I was thinking about new game modes and I thought king of the hill would work quite well, like the teams have to hold the ground for 15 minutes and then would win the game but it might be quite hard to make work. Anyway I'll be thinking a bit more on it :)
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    lag spikes

    about ever minute or two my lag changes from around 50 to around 130 and doesn't change back for another 30 seconds, mucking up my fps and making me a useless player. what do i do?
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    stuck at contacting auth server

    I tried download the launcher again but when i tried to login it would get stuck at contacting the auth server.. so now i cannot download the launcher so what do i do?
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    legions has made my screen go all pixelated..going down my screen in stripes down

    I don't know what's happened.. was in the middle of a game and then couldn't see a thing because my rocket launcher and covered the whole of my screen and then the pixels started going all over my screen.. what's happened?