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  1. Mike

    What is "Puddi"?

    I'm seeing it everywhere around the forum... and I have no idea what it is... does it even relate to Legions in any way? Additionally, is it connected in any way to that video that Seymour posted a few weeks ago?
  2. Mike

    Please read Devs, and anyone who is interested in the future of Legions

    Hi! I find myself constantly checking the blog/forum for updates a few times a day, and I know I sound like some incessant fan, but I'm totally digging this game, but (for me) there's just not enough content to be able spread the word to my friends, or to be able to say when a friend asks what...
  3. Mike

    When can we expect the next update?

    And, can someone drop a clue about what it might be? Thanks
  4. Mike

    Who's going to play Runescape on Feb. 1st when Wildy and Free Trade return?

    I certainly will!
  5. Mike

    How can I see more of my weapon in first person?

    As in, my first person point of view includes a bigger, more elongated weapon (probably just some camera modification and/or a pref file edit). Thanks! lock
  6. Mike

    Any chance of cheese being a part of Legions Lore?

    I would be ecstatic to include a segment, or a chapter, on cheese and the method in which it intertwines with the powerful drama of Legions Lore. Think about it. One full segment in which ammunition, weapons, and broader conflict are intimately tied to the production and consumption of cheese...
  7. Mike

    Will a new map arrive with a "Night" sky? Browsing through Legions data files and found these images

    I was browsing through live---->legions---->data--->skies--->night_sky And I found these images used for a Night Sky version of the sky, but there currently are no maps using this, and even on IA the only map I would think MIGHT have used it was Mirage, but I think Mirage had a pink sky, so...
  8. Mike

    Does an aesthetically modified file exist?

    (A mod for how the flag in CTF looks) Thanks
  9. Mike

    Big monster called something like "Prometheus" storming onto the map (usually Nivosus)?

    I vaguely remember a few months before IA went down, I entered a game on Nivosus, and a HUGE, Supersized-NPC monster stormed into the sky of the map, and when you shot it, it shot you back. Does anyone know what this is about? I think someone called it a "Prometheus", but I don't know what that...
  10. Mike

    Which weapon is closest to release?

    I vaguely remember InstantAction hinting at and/or downright telling us that a new weapon(s) was in development. I don't remember what it was, but I do recall rumors about it being either a "pineapple" or a "grappler". I don't what these are, and the information might be classified, but I was...
  11. Mike

    Can I make a Legions map? If so, what program do I need?

    I would be very interested in developing a map for Legions. Is it possible for me to do this? If so, what program would I need? Thanks!