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  1. Doomsify

    LAG Issues

    Lately me and a couple other players have been getting ping lag. Any cause to this?
  2. Doomsify

    Fps issues

    My fps use to run good 60-115. Not great, but it at least lets me play smooth. Well recently its been dropping a lot like 40 under, and before it didnt. I want to know how to fix it. (before any of you say, "go buy a new laptop, get a new graphics card, get more ram, etc.) I dont got money for...
  3. Doomsify

    Legions Lite/Original Look

    I was messing around with Legions lite today (only way my game runs smooth) but I made it so the robot/person/whatever you call it looks original, but they sky, clouds, etc. looks different. (Here is a photo so you understand what I mean) If anyone wants it, here you go. Make sure you keep...
  4. Doomsify

    Legions Tutorial Video

    Recently I have been seeing some new people playing. And of course like all new players to a video game or game like Legions/Tribes (since it fast movement, unlike other FPS games. CSGO, CoD, TF2, Dirty Bomb, etc.) they are going to need help and guidance. I was wondering if someone could put...
  5. Doomsify

    Legions Mini League

    Legions Mini Draft League August 15th - September 6th If you want to play during a weekday go for it, other then that most games will be on weekends. The league will be for 3 weeks. Every week a team will play one game against a different team. Its a Best of 3 series. Top two teams with the...
  6. Doomsify


    Whats some good comfortable headphones I can get for under 100$. I heard the Razer Krakens are comfortable (just headphones, dont need a mic cause I have something I am going to use for a microphone) but if you suggest some good mictophone head phones by all means name them.
  7. Doomsify

    How to kill Xtreme.

  8. Doomsify

    Duel Capping

    Duel capping needs to stop in my opinion. Grabbing the flag and dueling until you get home is annoying. Just my opinion.
  9. Doomsify

    What gaming mouse/mouse pad are you currently using.

    Just want to see what mouse/gaming mouse and mouse pad my fellow legionaires are using. Not looking to buy a mouse cause I have a good one. If you want add keyboards
  10. Doomsify

    Easier to midair in first person?

    Is it just me, or is it easier to midair in first person. I like playing third, but i feel its easier to shoot people in the air in first. I dont know.
  11. Doomsify

    Draft Tournament.

    I was wondering if I or someone else started a draft tournament, how many people would sign up? Just a normal 7v7 or 8v8 tounament. Comment if you would sign up if this was started. Im interested. People Interested: Doom - Captain Dragonz11111111 Fixious Jordahan TylerMarket - Captain Aviator...
  12. Doomsify

    Getting mad at your players during PuGs.

    *Delete if there is something like this* Recently in some PuG games I have played I have experienced some teammates getting mad at me or other teammates for not playing up to their teammates standards or doing something wrong. I know everyone wants to win, but its PuGs, we are doing this for...
  13. Doomsify


    If you guys want to keep in contact with me or anything, you can add me on steam. Steam: papakoffee -jokerlord
  14. Doomsify


    Can you build a computer and put in a HDMI plug? Sorry if thats hard too understand.
  15. Doomsify

    Good stock component desktops.

    What are some good stock component desktops? Besides Alienware. Not looking to build a desktop right now. So tell me some good desktops.
  16. Doomsify

    Instant Action Teapot Avatar

    Does anyone have this avatar? If you do can you post it on this thread, if not ill delete this.
  17. Doomsify

    Map Editor Keeps Crashing

    Can anyone tell me how to fix this? -Jokerlord
  18. Doomsify


    What happened to the map Quarry (I think it was called that) idk if I was suppose to post this here, but I miss that map. Honestly it was a good map too me. There's a lot of maps I like that others don't like (forgotten, core, and others I can't name off top of my head that others don't like)
  19. Doomsify

    Launcher won't download.

    game wont download for me ):