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    If you still call yourself developers, then one might ask where is the development?
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    I can't surpass you though. Oh and btw I didnt start the trolling, its just that people here can't handle with facts that put them in a bad light.
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    Stuck at level 1, I have too much real life to continue.
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    Ehm ok you have said enough now back to the bench.
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    I love posting when I'm drunk but nontheless most of my posts contain simple and true facts which get answered, containing insults and *chocolate cookies*, and then you expect me to behave properly. I don't know man, I seriously don't.
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    I'm sorry for not reading through 99% of bullshit to find the 1 % that is worth reading.
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    What about fixing in-game names to account names. Making an account equals work, people don't like to work, even though its just a little amount of work and time. Or making it so that you can only change it once per month or whatever. You don't need a whole authentication thingy. Its the...
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    Now you're getting insulting. Wow thats what I call a real developer. We haven't seen these in a while.
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    I know, that is why I used the expression "more probably". This game is dead. Well not really dead, kind of undead. Like a zombie who refuses to die, even though his legs, his arms and part of his face were blown away.
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    As far as I can see there is "Member" written under my name. But under your name I caught a glimpse of "Developer". So I don't know whose task that more probably is.
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    Just to brag a little bit but I told everyone from the start that smurfing would be a problem. Back then you were like "Ahh no its k, it worked in Tribes so why not here" and now I see 90% of the people saying "I want authentication back blablabla".
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    Chasing 101

    Why creating a guide for chasing? It is the easiest position since nade jump introduction. Combo Combo and your sticking to his ass!
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    American Tier List

    Yep lets make a list for new captains, so we can blame them for not reading it, when it ends in a quick 10-0. Also do Pugs still exist?
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    Drawing contest -sponsored by In7

    My entry
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    Legions International Competitive League - Season 1

    All this drama because of 1 little comment. Btw double Hof is broken. End of Story.
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    Legions Drinking Game!

    Version: Public Servers Take a shot when you see a smurf. Drink a beer when you get taunted.
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    Legions International Competitive League - Season 1

    Sins post explains it all. Time and date were set. Apparently there was a misunderstanding. Forfeit was decided. End of Story. Where is the problem?
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    Mass Effect 3

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    Starcraft 2

    This is the mod we played, not Troncraft. Its called Photon Cycles.