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  1. BugsPray

    New Game - MIDAIR

    As mentioned in the blog post, several of us from the core dev team are moving on to start a new studio and create a new game. The game will be heavily influenced by the games in the FPS+Z genre, and we'll be looking to generally improve upon the genre. We're not announcing names for the...
  2. BugsPray

    The Future of Legions - Part Two

    Read the blog post here and comment below.
  3. BugsPray

    1.40 Patch is Live

    Get to playing! More details here.
  4. BugsPray

    Legions 1.40 Now On Public Test

    You heard right, check out the blog post here.
  5. BugsPray

    Legions 1.40 Pre-Release Video

    A video about the upcoming 1.40 update has been posted on the blog. Watch it here.
  6. BugsPray

    Donations Enabled

    Donations have been enabled again. Read the blog post here.
  7. BugsPray

    The Future of Legions - Part One

    See the blog post here.
  8. BugsPray

    Huge Update Around the Corner

    Legions has a lot of cool stuff coming soon. Check out the blog post here!
  9. BugsPray

    Full Devotion

    Well done, Legionnaires. Your final lesson has arrived. Lesson Three 01110000 01100111 # 100000010 x is A thead skam mounted in an tampertan laywhal sends its wen tentan into a taste of anorapia x = 03 135 152 117 ___ You're getting close. Put it all together. y = x + 1 To...
  10. BugsPray

    Dangerous Men

    Congratulations, Legionnaires. Lesson Two has two parts. Lesson Two This, therefore, is a faded dream of the time when I went down into the dust and noise of the Eastern market-place, and with my brain and muscles, with sweat and constant thinking, made others see my visions coming true...
  11. BugsPray

    Enlightenment is Salvation

    Legionnaires, educate yourselves. The first lesson is nine parts. Lesson One 1. 01001110 01100101 01110111 00100000 01110111 01100101 01100001 01110000 01101111 01101110 00100000 01101101 01101111 01100100 01100101 01101100 01110011 2. 78 101 119 032 085 073 3. 4f 62 73 65 72 76 65 72 20...
  12. BugsPray

    Legionnaires at PAX Prime 2011

    Post here if you're going. I will be there all weekend. :)
  13. BugsPray

    State of the Empire Address

    Legionnaires, Head on over yonder to see what's happening with Legions: Overdrive in 2011.
  14. BugsPray

    Important: Your Feedback Needed

    Hey everyone, As mentioned in the blog/announcements forum, we need information on your connections to various server hosts we're exploring. On deployment, there were significant issues with certain locations getting packet loss from the original servers. We have since moved locations, but...
  15. BugsPray

    Download Street Fighter 2 Soundpack

    Replaces some weapon sounds, hit sounds, game start sound, and OD sound. More details inside. This will overwrite any custom sounds you have.
  16. BugsPray

    Gorge Launches, Core Returns

    You can view the announcement here.
  17. BugsPray

    Team Jenkins - Back in 2011

    Team Jenkins will make its return in 2011. Please post in this thread if you're looking for a good group of players who are slightly competitive. Someone interested in joining should (in order from most important to least): Have a good personality, and is easy to get along with. Be...
  18. BugsPray

    Early Preview Begins!

    View the blog post here.
  19. BugsPray

    Official TeamSpeak 3 Server

    TeamSpeak 3 can be downloaded here: You may join the server using the following info: Host: Port: 9987 Will update this thread soon with rules and such. For now, just be chill and be excited. :)
  20. BugsPray

    Legions Returns...

    Hello Everyone, Over the past few months A team of dedicated community members had been working with InstantAction to bring back Legions. Given the recent news about the shutdown of IA, we were unsure whether or not we were able to continue. After carefully looking over our agreement with IA...