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  1. yami


    I kinda wrote this game off because I don't normally play wizard games but I watched a stream of this for a bit and it looked like it could be fun
  2. yami

    Come get some Anti_Lovin Bitches

    You can start a local server by going to create game at the main menu, then you would be able to set it to any map. In a public server, you just need the majority of people in server to type "letsvote" (no quotes) in the game chat. If you are less than 3 people I think it only takes 1...
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    So I heard people still frequent these forums?
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    Anyone home?
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    Server hosting

    I think @Xzanth is the master on this
  6. yami

    Download Quarry_UE

    who is this masked stranger. i thought quarry was lost to the ages
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  8. yami

    Greetings legionnaires! What's up?

    So you were 9 years old playing legions?
  9. yami

    Would it be worth buying the rights?

    They are a holdings company. They gobble up tons of *chocolate cookies* and HOLD it. Nobody there knows what Legions is, it's just a couple files within their petabytes of stuff. Someone would have to investigate, lawyers would have to review, etc. It costs them less to sit on it than it does for someone to...
  10. yami

    Would it be worth buying the rights?

    What kind of deal would you imagine IAC agreeing to that wouldn't have the same problems as the current setup, as in, as long as they own the IP it's too discouraging for anyone to work on very much as a passion project
  11. yami

    Would it be worth buying the rights?

    I don't see the polished version recouping the 15k on Steam. Also that's 15k cash + the man hours to polish it, let's call it 30k. So why buy the IP at all? Why not put all of that effort and money directly into making a legions 2 that would circumvent the IP? From a technical standpoint are...
  12. yami

    y'all should feel bad about yourselves

  13. yami

    Marble it Up! coming for the Switch, made by several people from Marble Blast on InstantAction

    Check out the new trailer for Marble it Up! Legions gets a shout-out at 1:25. Marble Blast faced a bit of a similar fate as Legions with the whole IAC buy out, it's interesting that they are getting it going again. From the Marble it Up! team, Mark Frohnmayer was a cofounder of GarageGames and...
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    Great games. for those who couldn't make it, i streamed on a terrible setup to preserve the top banter (at the expense of playability). But I was able to get great moments like this, which is what legions is all about
  15. yami

    Midair Fully Launches

    The unlocks are fairly quick. In about 5 hours I've been able to go through almost a full branch that I wanted. It's easier because I know exactly what I want and a new player wouldn't. Unfortunately I think it has to be f2p to be accessible, I wouldn't expect many people to buy it to try it out.
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    Something's wrong though. I distinctly remember being in my first pug and lying about my age, telling people I was 14 when I was 13. That date would put me at 15 going on 16.
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    Where did you get that date? Ive been looking for the launch date and couldnt find it
  18. yami

    Midair Fully Launches

    Patrons of this forum will remember Project Z from years ago. Today the game that spawned out of this community finally launched. Our own boys did it. Go play their fu ck ing game.