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  1. Dabbleh

    Atom Ubuntu x64 build

    I uh, built a .deb package from my build, for anyone who wants it. Haven't even tested installing this deb file. :D (built on x64 xubuntu) atom-0.95.0-amd64.deb
  2. Dabbleh

    super new best operating systems I am so booting this in a VM tomorrow.
  3. Dabbleh

    Remove Stygian from PUBLIC rotation?

    Stygian just feels painfully unoptimized for skiing... Jagged (unfinished) edges, no straight bowls.. Also it gets a load of complaints when it comes up on pub. yes i used the wrong map name before, god damet
  4. Dabbleh

    3 or troll

  5. Dabbleh

    7 Days to Die

    This game is like a mix between Dead Island/DayZ/Minecraft and DAMN does it look cool! Definitely worth a back.
  6. Dabbleh

    Legions Server Browser - Now Online!

    Spent the last few days staring at hex to bring you guys this: Legions Server Browser - ls Installing "Join Server" Feature After this you can click 'Join Server' from if it hasn't updated in ages, it's probably crashed, I still need to work the bugs out. thanks to Xzanth for...
  7. Dabbleh

    Battle of the OS'

    Remember, this is which OS do you boot into the most.
  8. Dabbleh

    For Science
  9. Dabbleh


    I don't know how many people pre-order content that you know nothing about apart from a carefully made trailer, but we are getting butt *danced* for it.
  10. Dabbleh

    Setting up Hexchat

    Mod edit: If you want to learn more about IRC in general, have a look here. I feel this guide has been a long time coming, I am fed up of explaining this to people over game chat. I will try and break this down as much as possible. 1. So firstly you want to install a IRC Client, if you do a...
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    GOD DAMNIT PEOPLE. YOU CANNOT JOIN IRC AND EXPECT A RESPONSE WITHIN ONE MINUTE, YOU HAVE TO IDLE FOR A WHILE. [00:39] * Ketcho17 ( has joined [00:39] <Ketcho17> anyone online>? [00:40] * Ketcho17 slaps GReaper around a bit with a large fishbot [00:40]...
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    ITT: Quite Interesting facts you know. Rene Descartes died from being woken up too early.
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    *dance* yeah, Kim Dotcom, you lad. MEGA
  14. Dabbleh

    Modloader TDS

    Modloader TDS (That Doesn't Suck) is a Python scripted tool for Legions: Overdrive, which drags the most recent updates of mods from FTP servers and installs them for you. Well, that's the plan anyway! At the moment I am finalising plans for how I will organise the whole thing and am getting to...
  15. Dabbleh

    Mod Generalization

    I have just began development of a system that will hopefully mean that Mod-Makers can upload their mods to my server and Mod-Users can have them downloaded/updated and installed all with a click of a few buttons. So firstly, I need to start compiling a list of people whom I trust with a...
  16. Dabbleh

    Legions.linux I may have something missing that isn't included with Debian 6, but *dance* knows what it is, we need some documentation on this. EDIT: Maybe it's not compatible with 64-bit systems.
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    Don't know if this'd be useful for anyone but I found a site called 'BayFiles', which you can upload 5GB at a time to. So yeah, here you go:
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    Dunno, if any of you were subbed, but if you check the sub number it's going down rapid quick. Pretty cool.
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    Mobile OS Preference?

    Ok so this isn't a fanboy thread, I am just genuinely interested in the reasons for each of your favourite mobile device OS's. For me, It's Android, but it's because I love tinkering, a problem with a lot of Android phones though, is that they don't have 'pure' Android, which is the only form I...