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  1. Jaymyster


    I cant think of another game that utilizes Z-axis aiming with projectile based weapons better than this game right now. In my opinion, many of you who appreciate the combat aspect of legions would also LOVE this game. There is so much transferability in the skills gained in legions to the...
  2. Jaymyster

    So I heard people still frequent these forums?

    I'll never stop checking up on the best shooter of all time (imo). I'll hop on hotswap for some duels once in a while too
  3. Jaymyster

    Nept's Thoughts on Midair's Movement

    Nept, I cannot commend you enough for making this thread to shed light on the absolute #1 reason why Midair was both unable to gain traction with a new player-base, while pushing existing elites away with its horrendous movement mechanics. Thank you for communicating the specifics of how the...
  4. Jaymyster

    Midair Fully Launches

    It's truly a shame when the "freedom of movement" is more apparent and enjoyable when playing Pharah in Overwatch, than playing the lightest class with all jet augments equipped in Midair. To me, the freedom of movement was the "you only had one job" of the game. Imo they sold-out on having a...
  5. Jaymyster

    Shooters for mobile

    So I figure that most of the people who are able to appreciate the intensity of Legions as a shooter, are the same type of people who appreciate shooters to the degree of having one in the palm of their hand wherever they go. I mean, what beats getting headshots while pooping? I am only aware of...
  6. Jaymyster

    Regen Core tweak

    Perhaps it would be easier to press it one time (or a .5 second hold) to initiate the regen, then press R again to end it. I'm reminded of when LR was hold down-release to shoot only, and how most found it more effective to click to shoot. It pretty much always give's the player more overall...
  7. Jaymyster

    Just some suggestions

    Works great. Thanks!!:D
  8. Jaymyster

    Just some suggestions

    COMPLETELY UNRELATED POST- HOWEVER A RELEVANT SUGGESTION I didn't want to make a separate thread for something so simple so I'm just responding to a "just some suggestions" thread. The life of your character in game stays green all the way until 50% life which sends a completely false...
  9. Jaymyster

    New Game - MIDAIR

    I mean I ultimately was asking for a relative estimate on when such would be available. Not to sound unappreciative of the deployable teasers cause honestly anything is an appetizer at this point. Just desperate to get a grip on the nature of the game. I suppose I'll slip this to you all as...
  10. Jaymyster

    New Game - MIDAIR

    I completely doubt this question will get any legitimate response but, is it possible to get a relative estimate as to when we'll be seeing some kind of gameplay teaser? I mean the game was playable at PAX so I would hope it wouldn't be too long for us to at least see a little ski here and...
  11. Jaymyster

    Xmas PUGs!!!

    This is true for the most part. I just figured the 23rd is when everyone would be done with classes or starting their breaks early. I wouldn't say as late as the 28th though. Last year it started pretty much on Christmas day
  12. Jaymyster

    You have very rightfully earned my followship

    You have very rightfully earned my followship
  13. Jaymyster

    Xmas PUGs!!!

    Blast. I am recalling this from a very long time ago and it may have been on a custom server. I only recall seeing the map on the server list, not actually playing it. My memory may just be faulty. Oh well, sad that no xmas maps do exist though. As for pops, can someone let him know about...
  14. Jaymyster

    Xmas PUGs!!!

    I'm not sure if everyone would be open to this, but if it were possible I think it'd be pretty awesome if we were able to play pugs on an Xmas map. My memory recalls an Xmas frostbyte from a long time ago, although I never downloaded the map to play it on the server I saw it on, does anyone...
  15. Jaymyster

    Xmas PUGs!!!

    no pwomises;) And it does sound like it would have been a good idea for me to put a "maybe" option for the poll. But in all honesty the question poll is kinda rhetorical in nature, as in either you do want to participate at some time (being that it's a 9 day period) or you simply don't want to...
  16. Jaymyster

    Xmas PUGs!!!

    Now I completely understand that this is a bit of a shot in the dark here considering our current activity, but I do know that there is still a decent amount of us legionnaires that are still lurking around forums every now and then that would probably still enjoy a good refreshing organized...
  17. Jaymyster

    Update the map rotation.

    I'm all for an updated map rotation like the one fixi has mentioned. As for Elegiac; unfortunately there are far more duels than CTF matches happening lately, and Elegiac is the best dueling map (on alpha), so I'd personally prefer to see it more frequently. Id feel like a dick if we were...
  18. Jaymyster


    The primary reason why legions has ended up the way it has is for a number of reasons, but primarily lack of advertising; which is why the devs thoughtfully stopped investing time in something that was completely out of their control anyway. There is no other solution that would spontaneously...
  19. Jaymyster

    Terrains/NewSnow/Deep-Freeze.jpg updating forever in launcher

    not that I know of o.o Shall I delete that portion or revise it to something else?
  20. Jaymyster

    Terrains/NewSnow/Deep-Freeze.jpg updating forever in launcher

    Well when I try to upload the file, it says "The uploaded file does not have an allowed extension. launcher.log" So I'm just going to copy pasta what's in it here. 2014-05-20 08:37:30,128: legionslauncher.launcher_update INFO: Checking for launcher update 2014-05-20 08:37:30,253...