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  1. AFireInAsa

    Need Your Help!

    So I made a Titanfall frag film for the NVIDIA ShadowPlay contest. There's not a lot of good videos in it, so I just need enough votes (around 500+ would be nice) from people to be considered in the top 5 for the judging. Voting ends July 11th, top prize is 2x GTX Titan Blacks. Click this link...
  2. AFireInAsa

    Arena FPSes

    Here's some upcoming arena FPSes for people to follow. Unreal Tournament 4 Being made by Epic along with the community on their new Unreal 4 Engine First gameplay footage (like 2 weeks of development using old weapon assets): You can follow the development here...
  3. AFireInAsa

    Haxball First Person 3D

    I know a lot of us loved playing Haxball. Well there's a new game that has a FREE alpha that looks just like it, in first person 3D. It's based on an Unreal Tournament mod called Deathball. It's called Supraball: Website:
  4. AFireInAsa

    Humble Bundle

    The newest one is really sick. The best ever imo. No proceeds go to EA and you get Dead Space 1 & 3, Burnout Paradise, Crysis 2, Mirror's Edge, and Medal of Honor. Pay over ~$5 and you get BF3 and The Sims 3 + Starter Pack. I put in $10 all to the American Red Cross (one...
  5. AFireInAsa

    Offensive Coordination and Capping

    So I've seen a lot of talk about how people believe chasing and defense is overpowered and I wanted to weight in my opinions on why and what we can do to indirectly buff offense. I'd like to preface by saying I don't think chasing with shield core is broken, though it is currently overpowered in...
  6. AFireInAsa

    Legions Weekend - Trying to Attract Players from T:A

    So tomorrow (Friday) I will be releasing a Legions tutorial aimed at T:A players. I've also been trying to set up a greater presence for Legions in the Tribes Reddit community. Hopefully this will lead to some new players trying out the game this weekend. So drop whatever games you've been...
  7. AFireInAsa

    Super Sick PUG VOD [Twitch]

    Thought this was a great game. I did pretty well and Krakyn went ham. Such sick midairs.
  8. AFireInAsa

    Demo Drop

    Alright guys, I believe it's time to put these demos to good use. Post your own demos and tell us what's special about it. Is there a sweet play bookmarked? Is the entire demo a marvelous masterpiece of gameplay? Do you need help getting better? How to Record, Watch, and Get To Your Demos You...
  9. AFireInAsa

    Forgotten Sky Not Changing

    Can anyone figure out how to change the forgotten sky? Every other skybox changes fine for me except for this one.
  10. AFireInAsa

    Garage Games Employee AMA About Oculus Rift SDK Beat you Fixious.
  11. AFireInAsa

    Natural Selection 2

    Here's the offical overview My overview: RTS-FPS hyrbrid that really works. Based on very popular Half-Life mod that came out in 2002. Pretty true to its original (a lot of vets even say its superior). Requires some SERIOUS aim. Pretty *dancing* hardcore with a...
  12. AFireInAsa

    UE3 Going Flash “With UE3 and Flash, games built for high-end consoles can now run on the Web or as Facebook apps, reaching an enormous user base,” Epic CEO and founder Tim Sweeney said. Sound familiar, anyone? ;)
  13. AFireInAsa

    Homepage Video

    I'm pretty sure it was planned/discussed before, but why don't we put a gameplay video/trailer on the homepage? Even if it's just temporary (barring updates), it would give new people who visit the site insight into the game.
  14. AFireInAsa

    Finding a Game Options

    So, I asked Rockey to throw me up a script that would sort out the games in the "Available Legions Games" table by number of players automatically instead of by server name. It's easier for me since I have to scroll down to find non-empty US servers sometimes, and when I have to keep refreshing...
  15. AFireInAsa

    Battlefield: Bad Company 2 on sale right now on Steam until the end of the day for $6.80 (that's pretty damn cheap)! I just purchased my copy. If anyone else decides to buy this game and you don't have my me added on Steam yet, well, add me! Search: AFireInAsa. I'll be done my finals Tuesday, and will probably be...
  16. AFireInAsa

    Admin Announcements

    I've suggested this a few times but I haven't seen anyone really respond to it, but I believe the admin announcements (I've seen Mabel change the text toward the top of your game screen) should be used to announce PUGs, Legions Live and other things. It shouldn't be hard to write something for...
  17. AFireInAsa

    Broken Video Card?

    No problem, but that baby in the oven for 375 degrees Fahrenheit (~200 degrees Celsius) for 10 minutes and voila! Better than before. -----Just a little hack I found somewhere on the Internet that fixed both Shanks' and my video cards. ;) Edit: A video detailing the process a bit more can be...