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  1. mausgang

    Steam Guides

    So I was just playing some stuff on Steam, and when I quit, there was something about steam guides, essentially, they are user-created free guides about games available on steam. Once the game gets released on steam, I think an effort should be made to create guides for the game, and find a way...
  2. mausgang

    New Blood Here

    Welcome! Hopefully I'll see you in-game.
  3. mausgang

    We should put this in game

    That's pretty awesome glass. Anyways, If they had the Legions mortar IRL, then I'd love to see them test that. I think an invincible shield isn't so much a fair thing for any engineer to have, regardless of how awesome they're playing.
  4. mausgang

    The Legacy Project

    The problem I have with rotating the bases 90˚ in Forgotten is that the design of the map promoted side cap routes, which, when done right, were blisteringly fast even without a rocket jump, and made the map more than just a front-route spam fest. Not that many people tried the side routes, but...
  5. mausgang

    Huge Update Around the Corner

    Oh, it looks so PRETTY! I'm excited.
  6. mausgang


    The Summer Milestone is out now, way more Coral Forest, one new quest chain (they can't let EVERYTHING out before the game gets published) and, of course all the changes, it's pretty much awesome.
  7. mausgang

    Full Devotion

    What I understand from discussions on Firefall's forums regarding steam, here's the two ways I could see Legions working. 1. Legions costs some small amount of money to buy the game, and no further costs are incurred. 2. Legions is Free to Play. In order for Steam to take the game on, something...
  8. mausgang

    Full Devotion

    You may have all the correct answers, but that's not the FINAL answer (bum bum bummmmmmm) The final answer is what else is in the update. All the segments need to be wrapped together into a burrito of updatey goodness... yum. Maybe the Pavlov picture isn't for anything other than what he...
  9. mausgang

    Full Devotion

    I think I might have something for the y = x+1: If the puzzle parts are linked, like in lesson Two, then the cubic function my graphing calculator is y = 10.5x^3 - 120.5x^2 + 420x - 307 now, I ran this equation through wolfram alpha, and I got... x = approximately 0.985833. Then, because Bugs...
  10. mausgang

    Full Devotion

    I think the community has lost some stamina on this whole puzzle thingy. I think the picture of the guy is important. Otherwise it wouldn't be included. He looks like if Alexander Graham Bell and Sigmund Freud had a lovechild.
  11. mausgang

    Full Devotion

    The number sequence fits a cubic regression equation perfectly (R^2 = 1) Following that, the fifth number is 93
  12. mausgang

    Full Devotion

    x is in hexadecimal, then? edit: if the binary strings are converted to hexadecimal, they are 70, 67, and 102. If they are converted to letters, then the first two are P and G, there is no letter for the third string. That's all I've got right now.
  13. mausgang

    Dangerous Men

    I think that this is something they have been working on since march or April, which would explain why there have been no updates since then.
  14. mausgang

    Dangerous Men

    I've got no leads on the numbers, except maybe trying breaking the numbers into prime factors, and using that. Second idea. Keywords: some codes need keywords, if the standard Legions Lexicon doesn't provide any good keywords, we could try "Manifest" which is the theme for the page that the...
  15. mausgang

    Dangerous Men

    so I talked with Bugs a little bit about the lesson two part one passage last night. He wasn't too helpful, the one hint he gave was that it required abstract thinking. The movie he pulled this quote from was called "Dangerous Man" the title of the puzzle is "Dangerous Men" plural. Then, there...
  16. mausgang

    Dangerous Men

    I just heard from Bugs, I was dead wrong.
  17. mausgang

    Dangerous Men

    This could possibly be it. There was some chatter a while ago about getting ownership of Legions from IAC. Could this be it? It's a possibility, anyways.
  18. mausgang


    Regen had issues. It was impossible to off a cautious LO. Warp isn't broken, you just need to THINK. There are some very clever routes that use warp, and the disable by iOD is really a good balance. Turrets are, indeed a defensive asset, but it gives LO some more point to existence than...
  19. mausgang

    Legions intro video.

    I don't have any voice samples, but I can do the deep confident thing.
  20. mausgang


    Application makes a good point. I think everybody has had their personal preferences come in, and a lot of the time, there's an issue of squeaky wheels and the grease. I know that I am guilty of the personal preference thing time and again, but I do find that people dislike maps because they...