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  1. Draconator

    Constructive Critisism

    I wanted to volunteer too(a long time ago, and I sent message for BugsPray) but Bugs have asked me for portfolio. Does it have to be like... made in photoshop with writing pad or it can be also paper and pencil? And when I talked about sounds I meant SFX. The Skybolt sound like throwing shooting...
  2. Draconator

    Constructive Critisism

    Hi there folks! I bet that some of you forgot me and most of the community still dont know me. For those who don't - I'm Draconator and I used to play Legions back in Instant Action in 2008-2010 For these years I've been away due to finals, a lack of interest and other hobbies but I never...
  3. Draconator

    Reloading, Cores, and Bombs

    Welcome to the forums, dogmeat. Did I forget something? Oh definitely. Look son, I dont wanna sound rough but this is Legions. I do respect your will to help and to contribute to the game but you must understand some basic stuff. This game is basically a relative to the Tribes series. As you've...
  4. Draconator

    I think we need glass, real water and more....

    Dont tell me that you wanna add bullet drop also... Oh! and perhaps surpession effect... nah forget it. It's ain't Battlefield 3 you're dealing with(and btw, mirrors and glass dont reflect your player there) or Crysis, it's Legions man... Dont forget that! It still runs on the Torque...
  5. Draconator

    Custom Legions Soundtrack and Volume Preferences

    I already read the blog, but what I really meant to say that they need return first some key things like character selection and player hosted servers... and only after then the new stuff... Because if they'll focus on releasing new stuff only, they might forget some basic old stuff.
  6. Draconator

    Anaklusmos :D You're back... haven't seen you for 2 years

    Anaklusmos :D You're back... haven't seen you for 2 years
  7. Draconator

    Custom Legions Soundtrack and Volume Preferences

    you forgetting one important thing-returning of all previous core stuff that were on legions- hosting a server, free for all, charachter customization
  8. Draconator

    Big Fat Weapon Update on Public Test

    one last thing that i forgot to mention is that the blaster(it's *dancing* plasma gun, not a blaster) supposed to be stronger than RL, but it's not.
  9. Draconator

    Big Fat Weapon Update on Public Test

    You know, I think you got a bit confused I think the plasma gun should be the blaster while the blaster should be the plasma gun I mean, the blaster should shoot these small weak projectiles, while the plasma gun shoots the red ones(better if they were a bit brighter)... it doesn't even fit to...
  10. Draconator

    Elegiac and Skybolt Updates

    If Skybolt is a railgun, then the projectile should be slighlty faster like RLS' special ability but a bit faster. It need to be reshaped and not to stay in a rocket launher shape, other launching sound and the trail should look a bit more like in eraser:
  11. Draconator

    Hand Grenade Update on Public Test Servers

    Indeed, this is bad. If the carrier won't have the ability to throw grenades so the chaser might overcome the capper by them and that will make the chaser overpowered. It's like the same that I'll say no overdrive for the chaser or for the capper.
  12. Draconator

    Forgotten on Public Test Servers

    Great. With Forgotten return, Quarry is left with the observer mode and the skin selection. After those 3, I hope for new stuff. :D
  13. Draconator

    Car all land

    What software were you using to model it?
  14. Draconator

    Trail and Glow Color

    I hope so...
  15. Draconator

    Trail and Glow Color

    But you got the indicators right? So it makes the jet color difference useless
  16. Draconator

    Trail and Glow Color

    Yeah but again, you didn't understand me correctly. I meant that it'll be Built in glow and trail color selection only for yourself without caring the others wheter allies or foes. Each player will have it's own visible for everyone jet and glow if he's enemy or not. Clear enough?
  17. Draconator

    Hurray to BugsPray! Keep us all updated

    Hurray to BugsPray! Keep us all updated
  18. Draconator

    Trail and Glow Color

    I was thinking that it would be nice to select your really own color of jet trails and your eye's or other glowing stuff... it's now not relevant that you and your allies have blue glow and the enemies got red(all of them has an indicator over their head wheter they're your allies[green] or...
  19. Draconator

    State of the Empire Address

    Oh my piece of *chocolate cookies*! This is amazing! What about other weapons? And when the skin selection system will arrive?