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    News Maps to Download

    Gib lunk
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    1 Year

    One day.
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    hy bbys
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    Focus on Creating More Players

    10 years too late. Points 1-3 The "Dev Team" left years ago, most of the guys who didn't help on MidAir have all but vanished. There probably won't be a new set of developers working on legions because its 12 years old and extremely dated. Points 4-6 Do that yourself, You don't need permission...
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    Useful Links for Fixing Computers

    You bored there vinci?
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    Download Quarry_UE

    So who is Jack Hemphill and how does he have FELT and all versions of Quarry but no one knows him..? No mod can save this game, no reboot no remake etc will restore it to 2008. The tech is 11 years old now and visibly dated, we need Legions 2 but that is more of a pipe dream than Legions coming...
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    Some Legions 2 Artwork

    Yes please.
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    Would it be worth buying the rights?

    This is a pipe dream if nobody has a direct line to IAC, No one even knows if IAC would part with the IP, how much for it or if they even know they still own it or care about it. Smaller steps like contacting IAC and asking some questions would be a good way to see if this is even possible in...
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    Would it be worth buying the rights?

    I'll say no, As much as i love this game it's not worth the effort or cash for old tech that only <50 people would be interested in. Say the community does get the IP or rights to LO it only puts the game back to where it was before and this time with presumably less of an audience.
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    Midair Fully Launches

    You're still marked as a Developer, get greaper to put an old version of L:O out for shits and giggles, like pre-pack and new weapons era... you know the fun legions era.
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    Midair Fully Launches

    MidAir D.O.A
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    Yea closed beta either started in March 08 or a little earlier if i remember correctly, my first game was in march but i may have been a little late into CB.
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    Midair Fully Launches

    This I've been playing tribes games for 20 years now and i've always held W, it's more than a habit now it's instinct. Movement feels so terribly slow and overall janky. It's a "New" IP that brings nothing new, it can't even do things better than the game/games it's trying to be. I hate to say...
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    Currently Listening To...

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    Who owns the game currently?

    My plan. 1. Contact Severance 2. Have him sell his bugatti 3. Have him buy IP and sign it over to fixy 4. ????? 5. Profit.
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    Post your pictures here!

    Already over @ midair but i miss here :(
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    :| I don't even..

    Yeah tried all of that even older builds i found here on the forums that stefy had posted. Thats why its so strange, there is no reason it shouldn't launch.. Might try to roll back drivers. Rolled back a few drivers to around the last time i played. works now.. not sure why.. not questioning it.
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    :| I don't even..

    In the whole life of legions i've never had a problem with launching the game until this week when i re-downloaded it. Now when i launch by the updater or the legions.exe it hangs, it doesn't crash or show as not responding. It shows as an active running process but never appears. I've looked...
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    Anyone know what price its around, out of curiosity. I've heard jord mention in a post the price wasn't worth it (not exact words but close), to you saying a few grand.
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    No, while each engine is written in some form of C each also uses a different data structures and variables etc. so if you took for example the rocket projectile data from legions and just pasted it in any of those engines it would likely have no idea what any of it means.