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  1. Xzanth

    Server hosting

    There's no blocking going on, both the web server list and the game server browser use the same master server so I don't know what could be causing this. Are you still experiencing the issue?
  2. Xzanth

    Would it be worth buying the rights?

    It's already been done actually: Played it for a short while, it was actually pretty good. But like 90% of tribes style community projects it never really took off.
  3. Xzanth

    Race Map

    Race maps now live
  4. Xzanth

    Server Hosting Software
  5. Xzanth

    Behind the scenes.

    26/02/17 - Live Changes there u go fixi
  6. Xzanth

    Jan 14 Legions play date, 7:00pm EST

    First game was fun, sad to hear 2nd wasn't as good.
  7. Xzanth

    Can't spawn in the EU server

    fixed for now, just say my name on the server if it happens again.
  8. Xzanth


    One way of doing this could be a plugin for my pugbot that spins a cloud server up whenever a queue is filled. It's just a question of whether the interest is there to ever fill a queue.
  9. Xzanth

    Hotswap Servers

    Only hotswap game servers are being closed, Triad was supporting those. Forums, website, patch and master servers are hosted by GReaper: TS3 and empire game servers are hosted by me and will remain up as long as I have the space.
  10. Xzanth

    Legions Video - Upload your demos!

    With PUG nights having all but stopped and the player base dropping off, I thought the time was right for making something I've wanted to make for a while, a video for Legions a la Legacy or BOTB, hopefully with plays from anyone and everyone. If anyone has been recording demos (check your...
  11. Xzanth

    1.4 Changelog

    Late and just a quick, small patch as there were early games yesterday... 24/04/16 - Live Changes - update optional - Admins now have ability to veto map vote - Rabbit no longer goes into overtime - Changed mouse sensitiviy option to increment one at a time, instead of two.
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  13. Xzanth


    Same time this week? As with last week might be a bit later as we wait for more people to turn up, should have some older names this week hopefully though.
  14. Xzanth

    1.4 Changelog

    16/04/16 - Live Changes - patcher update required - Updated Daybreak. - Updated FalloutPUG spawns. - Updated ReactorPUG lighting. - Left shift no longer brings you out of the map editor. - Can now start a vote as soon as a map switches rather than having to wait 30 seconds.
  15. Xzanth


    Central European Summer Time (France, Germany etc) / British Summer Time (Where I live) / Eastern Daylight Time (Where you live) or perhaps you're referring to the 24-hour clock... in which case feel free to join the 21st century, and rest of the world, at any point. ;)
  16. Xzanth


    EU PUG before US PUG tomorrow - 23:00 CEST / 22:00 BST / 17:00 EDT Seeing as we had so much success last week. Its very late to hopefully have as much overlap with US pug as possible. US players welcome, will switch servers according to majority. Let everyone who might be interested know.
  17. Xzanth


    One whole year since the first PUG night. Don't think anyone expected we'd have as much success as we have.
  18. Xzanth

    1.4 Changelog

    09/04/16 - Live Changes - patcher update required - Buffed Blaster's Area Impulse from 400 to 1400, shooting the flag around now possible - Updated screenshots for Blade Run, Daybreak, FalloutPUG, Outcast and The Core. - Implemented basic colour-blind mode
  19. Xzanth

    1.4 Changelog

    The weekly patches continue... 02/04/16 - Live Changes - patcher update required - Updated Ridgeline, Outcast and Ravine - New ReactorPUG and FrostbytePUG - Increased observer max zoom - No longer look under the map when joining certain maps
  20. Xzanth


    mistake was obviously saying 'someone' and not 'ur boy xz' Was going to try and organise something and hit up some old names but honestly don't have the time especially considering exams season coming up, if we've still get pubs going after then I will or if anyone else wants to organise in the...